The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Boss is arriving.

Scott who is at BYU and over the Barlow Center is coming to town. He was suppose to be here this evening but their flight was delayed so we will not see him until tomorrow.  It is time for the CNA inspection which means he will be inspecting the building with two other men from BYU to see what improvements are needed.  We will need to be available all day tomorrow.  So everyone is one alert to be available for questions and meetings.

Today was a little bit different.  We didn't have our round table meeting with our coordinator.  But the support specialist and I had a really good talk.  It is good to be able to bond with those you work with.

Not as many came to the class today but the lesson was really good.  Elder Anthony is really getting the hang of teaching and he did a super job today.  I took tacos for lunch.  We had three guys in class and they went through 23 tacos.  They were hungry.

We got the bus and remembered we needed a couple of things for our munch and mingle time tomorrow.  The bus came to a complete stop and no traffic was moving.  Elder Anthony finally said lets walk.  The president's car brigade was suppose to be coming.  When that happens no one moves until he is past. We walked about four blocks and our bus finally came and picked us up again.  We dropped off our class things and caught a bus to Safeway just as we walked out of the condo.  We caught another bus home right when we crossed the street.  We had perfect timing today.

I made chicken salad for sandwiches tomorrow and Elder Anthony worked at the Barlow. We attended FHE and we are ready to have a little quiet time. We do love hanging out with the students.

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  1. 23 tacos! Man, they must have been starving!