The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, March 21, 2015

This is the First Day of Spring

Yesterday we had snow.  Today it was 60 degrees.  It was so wonderful out.  I don't think our weather can decide if it wants to be cold and snow or spring but it was the first day of spring today. One of our interns is a 56 year old woman that is widowed.  Her husband died three years ago today. She went and bought a whole basket full of daffodils.  She went to the hospital and gave away a free daffodils to those coming and going.  She also bought one for each of the interns.  I helped her deliver a daffodils to all the the rooms.  Elder Anthony and I both worked to finish our lesson. At four we had to break out and go for a walk.  We decided to go and find Georgetown University.  The walk through Georgetown which I always love.  I never get tired of looking at the house.

Georgetown University is a private research university in Washington, DC Founded in 1789, it is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institution of higher education in the United States. Georgetown's main campus, located in Washington's Georgetown neighborhood.  

Georgetown's founding by John Carroll, America's first Catholic bishop, realized earlier efforts to establish a Roman Catholic college in the province of Maryland that had been thwarted by religious persecution. The university expanded after the American Civil War under the leadership of Patrick Francis Healy, who came to be known as Georgetown's "second founder" despite having been born a slave by law. Jesuits have participated in the university's administration since 1805, a heritage Georgetown celebrates, but the university has always been governed independently of the Society of Jesuits and of church authorities.



The university has about 7,000  undergraduates  and over 10,000 post-graduate students from a wide variety of religious, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds, including 130 foreign countries

This is a cool old library in one of the old buildings.  The ceiling was really neat looking.  This next picture is of one of the squares in the ceiling. 

Walking through the neighborhood.  

The campus

There is a chapel on campus we went inside and took some pictures.  

Stain glass window in the front of the altar. 




Nifty looking lights in the church.

This was a picture in one of the buildings. 

This church just outside Georgetown University is the Catholic Church Pres. John Kennedy attended.   

This explains that Pres. Kennedy attended meeting there two week before he was shot. 

The football stadium isn't too impressive compared to the LaVelle Edward's stadium.  
We saw this Jewish church building along our walk. 

President Kenndy's home on N Street. 

Pres. John F. Kennedy's home today.  It is located on N Street. We walked by his home today. 


  1. My favorite thing about Georgetown is all the little town houses with their colorful doors and cute interesting door knobs. Seems like we always found a fun place to eat in the area too. Neat seeing all these other pictures of the chapel and campus.

  2. Georgetown is beautiful! That is neat that you walked by President John F. Kennedy's home. Does someone live there now or is it a business?