The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, April 27, 2015


We have tried to make a change to procedure at the Barlow.  In the past students had to buy their own sheets and bedding and towels Students arriving late had no bedding.  Some didn't buy any and then our mattress pads was all they used and they slept on the mattress.  Then when students left they couldn't fit the things they had purchased in their suitcases so the sheet supply started growing.    The past missionary washed all their left bedding and bagged them up and the students that came first could take the left over.  We had left over sheets taking up space all semester in the laundry room.
At Halloween someone got creative and took a sheet and cut holes for eyes and used it as a ghost costume and then returned the sheet with three holes.

Last semester I washed all the sheets and we had enough left over to put a set on every bed.  If they didn't want them they could buy their own.  We then proposed that we send all the laundry out and found a place that would wash the sheets by the load instead of by the piece.  This time we sent out all the mattress pads and the sheets we used. We got all that done for less than we had paid for the mattress pads in the past.  I still washed all the shower curtains, towels and blankets which are really hard on the the washers.

We contacted BYU housing and we are now going to work the Barlow like a dormitory.  We provide the sheets, blanket, they provide their own pillow.  All sheets are the same.  They will be sent out to a laundry and assigned back to the student when they come in.  The sheets arrived today but there is not enough time to start with the new sheets.  So after this semester hopefully we will have a lot less shuffling of sheets.

That change has taken a  many weeks and proposals to finally come to pass.  I had to present a proposal of how the sheets would be issued and checked back in. The students will be charged for damaged sheets.  It will need to wait until next semester.  But we are hoping that it will simplify our work between students.

Our first student arrives tomorrow. He is our assistant.  We are ready.   To celebrate today Susana made chicken and rice and I did a big green salad and we celebrated getting everything done in less than one week by having a nice lunch together.


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  1. I hope everything goes smoothly. Do the get the little dog curled up next to their bed too? :)