The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, April 24, 2015


The cleaners shampoo the carpets on the floors where our offices are so we can't be at the Barlow.  We headed over to the Barlow right after we finished our exercise before we even showered to try and get a few things done before the cleaners came in.  We got all the clean mattress pads on all the beds and the clean towels and hot pads delivered to all six kitchens.  We were short 1 mattress pad and I needed another set of curtains so we headed back to IKEA.  We had lunch at IKEA.  We made a Costco stop for a few grocery items.

I worked on the curtains when we got home and got them hemmed and hung.  Elder Anthony headed over to to the Barlow to get a couple of cars ticked for parking in our spaces.

We headed up to the young adult center for a BBQ and talent show.  Some of our institute class members were in the talent show. It was a fun evening but we were ready to come home after it was over.  We didn't get home until After ten so it was a long but a fun day.

We have a  young man  in our institute class.  He is not a member of the church but he is our most faithful student.  He does gloving.  Gloving is a modern dance form that involves movement of the hands and fingers.  Glovers wear flashing LED microlights underneath gloves to give light shows to a seated recipient.  Gloving has spread world wide as both an art form and a competition, He performed tonight as well.

A young man from India who joined the church about a year ago wrote a poem.

This young lady sang her heart out.  She is in our class. 

Tap dancing

Curtains finished.  Now we can have privacy in our bed room.  

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