The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, April 3, 2015

Fun Day

The interns went to the Newseum today.  It is one of the more costly museum but because we were with the group so we got in free.  It is a really great museum.  It is about the making of news, the first amendment, the sacrifice that has been made to bring us the news, and the stories that have shaped our society. 

They had an area to honor 9/11.  These were cell phones that even after the towers collapsed were ring with loved one trying to find their family members. 

The antenna that was on top of the trade center.  

A journalist died in the explosion.  When they found his camera they were able to get the pictures off of the camera until he died.  This was a really sad area.  

FBI room features artifacts from the FBI's biggest cases of the past 100 years.  

airplane parts from 9/11
The inside of the uni bombers cabin. 

Uni bombers Cabin

Elder Anthony had a few run in with the KKK on his mission. 

Shoes with explosives hidden in them. 
Actual panels from the Berlin Wall were on display.

On the West side of the Berlin Wall it was painted and marked.  

Statue were pulled down when the wall came down. 

  The is a symbol of the great oppression that has occurred in the modern years. 

I am standing in front of one of the guard towers. 

This was the wall on the east side.  I think they said 5000 people were killed trying to escape. 

The guard tower. 

A wall divided a country, freedom on one side and communism on the other side of the wall. 

They didn't want people touching the wall so there was a piece of the wall you could feel.

There was a memorial to the journalist that have been killed trying to cover the news. 

Bullet holes in a reporters truck that was killed.  

Reporter Anthony making the news.
Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery

The museum also had an area where the front page from newspapers  all around the world and every state were hung.  The papers were all dated today.  So I got to see the Salt Lake Tribune front page for today. I found out Pres. Obama is in Salt Lake.

Another interesting area was the News History Gallery.  This room recounts the history of news gather over five centuries.  You can pull out drawers and read the front pages of newspapers.  They also had the front page newspapers of when President Lincoln was shot.  There is an area showing the struggle of the civil rights movement in 1965. On the outside of the building and inside the First Amendment is state to remind us that, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of Speech, or the Press; or the right of the people peaceably to Assemble, and to Petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

The students had to be back to the Barlow at 2:00.  We stayed on.  We didn't leave until 4:15. We needed to pick up a couple of items from the store and Elder Anthony's dry cleaning.  As soon as we got home we headed out to meet our friends Rob and Cindy Kerns from our ward in Orem.  We went out to dinner together to Legal Sea Food. It was fantastic.  It was so fun to get caught up on things at home.

We brought them back and showed them the Barlow Center and our Condo.  We had a fun but busy day. 


  1. I would love to visit that museum when we come. Put that one the list for us!

  2. Wow that is an impressive museum.