The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Golden Contact

We took our young senate pages to an area conference by the temple today.  Elder Hales, Elder Andersen, Elder Kacher, and Sister Reeves spoke.  It was a wonderful conference.  Our young lady is so excited about the church that she is talking about going on a mission and she isn't even baptized.  We set her up with the Elders today so they can get her ready for baptism.  She will need her parents permission but she is so excited about the Church.  Elder Andersen talked about just being a good example and feeling free to share about the Church.  This young man from Salt Lake has done exactly that.  He is just a shining example of the gospel.  He lives the gospel and he had her so ready to talk to the missionaries.  They will need to just teach.  She would like to be baptized here so this young man can baptize her.  She had a discussion at the visitor center.  We stepped back and let the Elders teach.

Elder Hales talked today about  strengthening the family.  He asked that we teach our children about ordinances and covenants. Teach them about baptism and the Holy Ghost and what the sacrament means. Three things we need to do daily:  have personal prayer, companionship prayer and family prayers.  Then we need to have personal scripture study, companionship scripture study and family scripture study.  He talked about the importance of the way we speak to each other.  When we have contention in the home the spirit leaves and we are left on our own.  You can discuss differences without being disagreeable.  One thing that touched me was that he said parents serve as powerful images of the Savior.

After we got the kids dropped off we had the Elders for dinner.  It has been a full day of of highs and lows.   We have worries at home that concern us but we also see the Lord's work going forward and it a privilege to see someone so hungry for the gospel.  It is a special experience to sit at the feet of the apostles and be instructed and feel the Holy Ghost bear witness of their words.

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  1. That is so neat to see how excited that young woman is about the gospel. I hope that her parents give her permission to be baptized.