The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, April 5, 2015

I love Conference

I have always loved conference because I could stay home and just listen and enjoy.  Today we were really busy but I still loved conference.  We left this morning to go to Ashburn, VA which is an hour from were we live.  Brother Holtom is a professor at Georgetown University which is a Catholic University.  He is the only Mormon professor there.  He keeps track of the LDS students on campus.  In  April he invites the students to his home for breakfast.  His niece is at the Barlow and we met him when he dropped her off and he invited us to come so we could encourage institute attendance.

It was a wonderful breakfast.  I took cinnamon rolls.  His home is beautiful. They are a dynamic LDS family.  They had nine there besides his family.  We left there and got back just in time for conference to start at 12.  After conference we fed everyone at the Barlow.  We had about 8 other people besides about 20 of the interns.  We had sloppy joes, chips, carrots and dip and a tray of cinnamon rolls and cookies that I made.  We cleaned up and watched afternoon conference.  We were glad to get home tonight to work on our lesson for this next week.

Since this blog is called religious freedom in DC the talk that must be highlighted tonight is Elder Hales talk about moral agency.  He said the four corner stones of religious liberty are:
1.  Freedom to Believe
2.  Freedom to share our faith with others
3.  Freedom to form religious organization
4.  Freedom to live our faith not just in our home but in public places.  

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