The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I love spring.

My sister has always loved fall and fall colors.  I am defiantly a spring and spring color person.  I just love spring.  The trees and the spring flowers make my heart just sore.  We went to the temple this morning and the grounds were spectacular.

We had to stop at IKEA to pick up dishes for the Barlow.  They sell a new tempered glass white dish.  I bought only enough for the boys area because they always chip their dishes.  I figured if they held up with them they would work for some of the other kitchens.  Not one chip.  So I picked up 10 more dishes and bowls as well as hot pads, and cutting boards.  While I was in there I found some inexpensive curtains.  The ones in our room are not very good for privacy so I bought them.  I had to hem them which is a little tricky because I don't have a sewing machine.  So I did it by hand.  That turned out great but I need another panel.  I miss figured on the width.  So we will have to make another trip.

As soon as we got back from IKEA we spent the rest of the day at the Barlow.  There is so much to do before tomorrow to get ready for the cleaners.  I went through all the kitchen and organized the cupboards.  Tupperware grows.  So you need to make sure each piece has a lid and if there is to much get rid of some of it.  Then the girls crock-pot was in the boys kitchen and the boys dishes were in the girls.  The towels need to be washed and the comforter.  I got about 8 loads of laundry done this afternoon and all the kitchen cleaned up.  We stayed late since we didn't get in until after noon.

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