The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Old Interns are gone.

The last one of our interns is out as of 6:30.  We have worked over at the Barlow from 8 until 5:30.  Our turn over time is so short this semester that we started thing happening as fast as they moved out.  I have the washing machines going washing towels.  The rest of the laundry should be going out.   I have been on my feet all day and I am pretty tired tonight.  There is a lot of things that have to be accomplished before the deep cleaners come in on Wednesday.  We have had some touching good-byes.

We had several students that wanted pictures with us.  

DC is just loaded with history.  We pass this abandoned old school house occasionally. I really like the building and I am always surprised that someone has taken the building and done something with it because it looks so cool.  We walked by it the other day and there was a  plaque on it.  It says, "From the top floor of this building was sent on June 3, 1880 over a beam of light to 1325 L Street the first wireless telephone message in the history of the world.  The apparatus used in sending the message was the photophone invented by Alexander Graham Bell inventor of the telephone.  This plaque was placed here by Alexander Gram Bell chapter.  Telephone pioneers of America March 3, 1942. The Centennial of Dr. Bells birth.  

The building is just boarded up but it is really cool looking. 

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  1. It's too bad they don't use that building for something!