The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Lilly with Elder Anthony

William with Elder Anthony

Today we taught our mothers class.  Lilly and William really like Elder Anthony and their mother snapped these pictures today while I was teaching.  We bring fruit treats and they are a hit with the little ones.  Elder Anthony has some good friends.

We went right over to the Toyota dealer to get a new key for our car to replace the key Elder Anthony lost.  We waited for an hour and they got the new key working just fine.

We had shopping to do at Costco.  I have refreshment to provide for the young men after priesthood.  Sunday we have been invited to a professor home from Georgetown University for his tradition of inviting the LDS students for breakfast.  He has it early enough so they can get home and watch conference which starts at 12:00 here.  We got invited because his niece is at the Barlow right now and we met him when he dropped her off.  It will give us a chance to push for them to go to institute class.  I asked him what he would like me to bring and he asked for cinnamon rolls.  I purchased what I needed to make lunch in between Sunday session of conference.  We are going to have sloppy joes and chips and carrot sticks.  I have asked them to bring desert.

I made the sloppy joes.  We also got the condo cleaned, the laundry done before our company company comes next week.  We are so excited to see some of our children and grandchildren.  Thursday afternoons are as close to a P day as we have had in while.


  1. No surprise that kids love dad!

  2. Kids are always drawn to those with treats.