The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chuck Martz

We go to the temple every Tuesday morning.  We ran into one of the temple workers when we first started going that recognized Elder Anthony from High School.  He remembered he played football. He remembered he dated my sister.  He remembered that Jan played the piano and worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken right out of high school.  Elder Anthony couldn't remember him at all.  He remembered meeting Jan at the 20th high school reunion.  He remembered that she talked with David Mansell about selling her big home that was to big for them and down sizing.  Elder Anthony called Jan and asked if she remembered Chuck.  She didn't remember him.  She looked him up in the year book.

We see him each week when we attend.  He comes from Pennsylvania to serve and has over a two hour drive to get there.  He is such a kind person.  He came to Washington today after his shift at the temple to see the Barlow Center and to eat dinner with us.  That was a little intimidating since he runs a Tai restaurant that is a four and half star restaurant.  I was so glad we got to sit and talk with him.  He is a man without guile.  He is so humble and has such a great testimony.  He shared how he joined the church.  He joined the church a year before he attended South High School. I think Elder Anthony feels badly he didn't know him well in high school.  He married a girl from Thailand that joined the church 10 years after he had joined in the same ward.  She was baptized in the same font he had been baptized in and he had attended her baptism in Pennsylvania.  She has passed away.  It was interesting to see the great love he has for her.  He said my daughter has tried to line me up but I am still married we are just in different places right now.  He is a happy person and fun to be with.

In the Washington temple before a session starts one of the temple presidency comes in and talks to you for just a few minutes.  President Swift told us that 60 temple workers were in the temple this morning to make it possible for us to serve.  There would be 70 come in during the middle of the day and another 70 for the evening.  He quoted Elder Russell M. Nelson, "As temples are prepared for our members, our members need to prepare for the temple."  I kept feeling the worth of a soul is great in the eyes of God.  Look how many people come together for the salvation of another.  What a huge effort this is.

We taught institute tonight. We had a good turn out but not as good as last week.  We had a good class and one of the students told me that she received revelation for something she was concerned about so that was good and meant that the Spirit was there.

I mentioned how I loved the fresh flowers in our building.  I took some pictures to post.

This is one of the two  flower out side the elevator in the basement going to the garage.  These are all real flowers.

They planted yellow pansies back in March and they dug them all up  and put these in yesterday.

There are two of these plants outside the elevator on our floor.  

This is the arrangement in the foyer of the building.

Surprise this is Michael and Diana's new home in San Antonia Texas. They will close on it in June.   


  1. That's fun to have a connection with someone from home there. Mike and Diana's house is beautiful!

  2. That's fun to have a connection with someone from home there. Mike and Diana's house is beautiful!

  3. That's a bigger surprise that Michael and Diane are moving to Texas. Did I miss that news earlier or is that part of the surprise also?

  4. That is cool that you have somebody you know there that you see often even if you don't remember him. Loved seeing all the different flowers and plants, beautiful. Mike and Diana's house looks huge and amazing!

  5. That is crazy that Chuck remembers Dad, but Dad couldn't remember him. Dad remembers everyone! That is a beautiful home for Mike and Diana.

  6. Small world when it comes to the church!! I didn't know Michael and Diane are moving…what a beautiful home!