The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Once a year the embassies open their doors and people come in and learn more about their country.  Next week will be the European embassies.  There were 40 embassies opened today.  We made it to about 10.

The Ukraine is in a very historic building.  It is in this room that Washington agreed that Washington DC would be the capitol of the the States. 

This is the Lukenburg Embassy.They were not open but we pass this embassy often.  I think it is a really pretty building.

We passed Portugal's Embassy.

The Egyptian Embassy.  They didn't open their embassy.

Darussalam is a country I had never heard of.  They did not open their embassy. 

The embassy of the united Arab Emirates.  They didn't open their embassy but I thought this was one of the prettiest embassies that we saw today.

Israel did not open their embassy but we passed by.  We took this picture for Jan and John.


I have never even heard of Bahrain

This lady wrote our name Anthony in Arabic.

Jordan did not open their embassy but we passed them.


  1. Some friends just moved to Malaysia. I enjoyed seeing the pictures from there especially.

  2. That is so cool that you were able to visit those embassies! It was really neat to see the clothing and artifacts from their countries. And dad is finally learning how to smile for the camera! It's only taken him 60 years!

  3. That is cool that you got to visit those embassy's. I also liked seeing the clothing and artifacts.