The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, May 15, 2015


Our coordinator was in meetings all this week so we volunteered to teach his Friday at noon class on the senate side up by the Capitol.  They have the class in Senator Lee's Conference room.  Our friend Jordan who knows senator Lee and works with him knew he was in working today.  Elder Anthony knows his father Rex E. Lee well.  Rex use to be the president of BYU but has passed away.  Senator Lee has a huge picture and sculpture of his father in his conference room.  Senator Lee's advisor came to our room and told us that the senator would like to meet us.  We went in and talked with him for about 10 minutes.  Our friend Jordan got pictures of us but I don't have them yet but I will post them when we get them.  Elder Anthony shared with him a funny story about his father and mother when they were traveling in Chicago.  They had rented a red Cadillac.  Elder Anthony picked them up from the hotel and the emergency alarm went off on the car and they didn't know how to stop it.  They ended up driving to their appointment with the horn going off all the way into town.  Elder Anthony told of a time he and Rex were flying home on different air lines.  When he came into a area in the airport on the way home he saw Rex watching the football game.  He joined him and they enjoyed the game together.

Brothers Cottle had 11 students and we had three sandwiches so some people left hungry.  We were not close to the Subway to get more.  We took the bus home and ended up waiting for a funeral to go by for Kevin McGray a fireman who had died of a heart attack after battling a fire last week.  He was 44 and left a family.  They had his coffin on a big fire truck.  Every fire truck in the area went through the city and all the traffic backed up and waited.  By the time we got home we were so hungry.  We had our light breakfast at 9 and it was 4 so we came home and got dinner.  After dinner we worked on our presentation for tomorrow for the senior couples mission meeting.

I made chicken noodle soup out of a chicken from Costco.  I took a bowl to our neighbor who is 93. She fell and broke her arm.  She has been pretty miserable.

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