The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It is Great to be a missionary

We have put in 12 hours today but the day just got better and better. Just before we came home tonight we had a beautiful young lady ask Elder Anthony for a blessing.  He gave her a beautiful blessing and we got a glimpse into how much Heavenly Father loved this sister.  She is so sweet and so amazing.  Just before that a young lady shared with me her missionary experience that she had yesterday.  I think she has found a wonderful contact and I was so excited to here about it.  She was standing next to a young lady in the rain and she said my arm just reached out to share my umbrella.    They talked and she found out this young lady wanted to be a minister.  That she loves the Lord and complimented out intern on being modest in her appearance.  Our intern invited her to Bible class tonight and the young lady couldn't come but said lets go do lunch or dinner.  She told her that she is shopping around for a church.  How exciting is that.  Our institute lesson went well.

We had a very touchy situation that Elder Anthony had to handle tonight just before class that had the potential to end a young man's semester in DC and get him sent home.  I am glad Elder Anthony and the BYU director are handling that and I only need to love the young man.

We had the air conditioning man in today fixing units.  Our lady that keeps up the building came into my office and needed to talk.  She shared some things with me and we had a wonderful talk.  Sometimes I think the Lord just needs us to be a listening ear.

We got some frightening news that our daughter was suffering with vertigo and went back into a specialist today and he told her that she has lost 20% of her hearing and that she could possibly not get it back and could lose more hearing and that this could turn into menieres.  Then when she went to pick up her medication they were randomly giving out flowers and she was given a beautiful flower.  Her comment was Heavenly Father knows and loves me.  I am so glad she felt the love of our Heavenly Father when she needed the love of her mother.

We had the group in that is using the building.  It was their second day of  three days of meetings in the building. They are there from 9 to 5.  They are no problem but we are suppose to be in the building with them when they are using the Barlow.

I had a long discussion with one of our mothers that we have taught about rules for reserving and using the Barlow.

We got to sleep in an extra hour this morning.  Our clock was behind an hour and I didn't know it until I put on my watch to go exercise and I realized that we were an hour ahead of our alarm clock.  So we only had time to get showered and ready for the day.  That was a nice accident.


  1. I worried that it might be Meniere's Disease. It is completely debilitating. Hopefully it will pass and she will understand what triggers it for her.

  2. Poor Crystal, hopefully it's nothing permanent and she'll heal and be just fine. Sleeping in on accident would be nice, but a little frustrating too.

  3. Just to clarify, I haven't lost 20% of my hearing. If what I have is a viral infection, I have an 80% chance of recovering the hearing that I have lost because I caught it within the perfect window. I don't hear low tones very well anymore, so if a man with a low voice talks to me, it will be harder for me to hear. I hope that it is viral.