The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Story of the Sour Dough

Happy growing sour dough

Elder Anthony and I visited Palmyra sometime in the later 90.  On the way into the Joseph Smith home that Hyrum was building for his parents we noticed on the back of a car with California plates that the plates said SOUR DOUGH.  We started asking around who owned the car and it was a missionary couple from around San Francisco that loved sour dough thing like we do.  They told us that they had a starter that was nearly 80 years old.  They offered to give us some starter with instruction on how to use it.  We took the start and carried it home on the airplane in a cup of ice to keep it refrigerated. We used it for many years and the excitement of it wore off and I just put it in the back of the fridge in the garage and forgot it.  After not feeding it for two years I pulled it out and it looked like it was dead.  It had separated and the water on top was nearly black.  I thought I killed it and I was about to throw it away when I decided to see if it would grow.  It did.  When we were preparing to leave for our mission I put a small amount in the back of the fridge at home and took some with me.  We carried it in a cooler.  It is still active and going strong and it has got to be 100 years old.  It makes the best waffles you have ever tasted.  When I asked our neighbors to dinner we had sour dough waffles.

Last semester we had all our students over and we had a pot roast each Sunday.  That gets a little costly so we decided this semester that we would have waffle Sunday.  I start the sour dough growing two days before we are going to use it.  It puts off the sweetest sour dough smell.  Look at those bubbles going strong.  Tomorrow we will use it.

Today we stayed at home in the morning and got shirts ironed and a few jobs done before we left for the Barlow.  We really don't have an official P-day like the Elders.  We just work things in.  We had another group into the Barlow today for the end of a ward activity.  They wanted to set up at 11:45.  They got set up and were back at about 2:00 and they stayed until 4:00 and cleaned up.  We tried to get our lesson finished off but there were so many interruptions.  We came home after 5 to get dinner.  I made bread tonight for our classes next week.  We don't have room in our freezer so at 9:45 we headed back to the Barlow to use their freezer.

Our bread ready to go across the street. 

We did our good deed for the day as well tonight.  One of our institute students from George Washington called in need of help.  She was getting her stuff out of her dorm so she can go home for the summer.  Her cousin was going to store things for her but his wife is in the hospital and he could not come by today.  She called to ask if we would store her stuff until he could stop by.  She assured me it wasn't much.  She called tonight at about 8:15 and we drove up to pick up her things.  She only lives about 2 1/2 miles from us but we had to go through Georgetown and that took about 35 min.   She had more than I wanted in our condo so we had room in our storage area in the garage where our car is.  So we loaded it in there.  Hopefully her cousin won't forget to come by and pick it up.  If he does it will smell pretty musty by the time she comes back in August.  But we helped someone out in need. That always makes you feel better.


  1. You have some lucky interns to be fed with such yummy food.

  2. I love those sour dough waffles! They are delicious!