The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Valley Forge and Philadelphia Spring Summer 2015

Freedom Foundation

Since Sarah's family is a gold star family I thought she would enjoy this memorial.

They had three statues of George Washington.  All of them show him praying.  After he won the Revolutionary War he walked away and gave up all recognition.  When the King of England heard that he said that is the most impressive thing he had ever heard of for him to walk away from all that power. 

This is the MacArthur Building where we stayed over night. 

Washington after two terms in the presidency said I walked into the room as the president of the united states and I walk out as a citizen. Our tour guide and a few others commented that George Washington was the real thing.  He honestly was a great man and not a hypocrite. 

Valley Forge 

Al our bus driver.

Washington's command house at Valley Forge.  This was the first Pentagon you could say where they planned out their military moves. 

Ned Hector who was a revolutionary black war hero. 

We are learning to do a revolutionary period dance. 

Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

Independence Hall were the Declaration of Independence was written and  signed.

Court room in Independence Hall.

The room where a government came to be.  It starts out We the People. 

This is the engraving on the chair where George Washington sat.  It had a half sun.  Benjamin Franklin at the end of the convention said I have wondered if the sun was setting on the United States or rising.  Now I know it is rising.  He also said something to the effect that if God notices the sparrow and the Lilly of the fields how can we create a government without his help. Gentlemen we should pray and ask God for help.

This was just in a window of a house.  

Have you heard of Phil Stake Sandwiches?  Well they are the very best you have ever eaten. Jims was great. 

Carpenters Hall.

Original streets of Philadelphia

Oldest Bank 

Christ's Church

Washington owned a pew and so did Benjamin Franklin. 

Benjamin Franklin's Grave

City Hall


  1. Wow, wow, WOW!! Where do I start? Great pictures. I definitely need to visit this cool city (also because I love cheesesteak!)

  2. That is a lot of pictures. I did enjoy seeing them. Thanks for sharing the picture of the gold star memorial.