The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Double Post Day

A couple of things I wanted to remember about this day.  David was confirmed today in sacrament meeting.  Elder Anthony was in the circle.  When Elder Ord said receive the Holy Ghost I felt the Spirit swell in my chest.  I had been telling the Lord during the sacrament how badly I needed the Spirit this week as we talked to the young women at girls camp.  The young lady next to me made comment to me that she also had felt the Spirit so strong when David was confirmed.

Elder Anthony gave another blessing tonight.  This is an aspect of our calling that we did not anticipate.  He is asked often by interns to give them a blessing.  I am always amazed when we get to see these young people the way the Lord sees them.  They are so incredible.  It is like you are given a little glimpse into the window of their soul.  This is the second blessing he has given this week.  What a humbling privileged this has been.

I have been worried about Hazel.  Her parents are trying to submarine her progress in the gospel.  I got a text last week asking us to pray for her.  Our prayers and thoughts have been on Hazel.  She is going to girls camp this week.  I was so happy to see this picture with the heading my new family.

She is at an institute class.  Just where she should be.  I hope her parents come to know that the gospel will make Hazel a better person and a better Christian and a better daughter.

I want to share the great wisdom of this young lady.  We were texting and I asked if she loved girls camp. She said it was this week.  I told her you have been on my mind this week.  Me: We are actually speaking at a young women camp this Wednesday.  Hazel: Oh really that's super cool.  Me: I have been worried about that talk.  Hazel: Why are you worried?  Me:  There are suppose to be 400 there.  I will really need to have the Spirit or I am going to fail. Hazel's amazing wisdom:  That's a bunch of baloney.  You never fail when you have the Spirit by your side.  You always have the Spirit with you.  You are the most amazing woman I have ever met.  You can speak like no one else can and you are unique and made in His image and amazing and awesome in your own way.  The way you spoke at my baptism was unforgettable and if you do half as good as you do at that talk everyone is still going to love what you talked about.  I have a feeling that you're gonna do great.  Remember that everyone there wants to hear what you have you have to say.  They are all LDS.  They all love Heavenly Father the same that you do.  They want to hear your perspective on it. Me:Thank you for your shot of confidence.  You are so right.  I think I needed to hear that.  I forgot they would come wanting to hear.  Hazel: Text me if you need a teens perspective. Me: That is what I needed.  Hazel: you can do anything if you put your heart and soul into it.  Me: That comment is from someone that knows.  You have done amazing things.  Hazel: I've done some things that I am proud of.  However, nothing as great as serving a mission or teaching seminary.  Me: You have done harder things.  You are a pioneer in your family in accepting the gospel and fighting to have to live the gospel.  Hazel:  Thank you. I really appreciate that.

Isn't Hazel an amazing young lady.  How can you help but love her.


  1. So fun to read about Hazel. So happy to see she is immersing herself into the gospel in her home state. I'm sure she will touch many lives & they will all love her. We will keep her in our prayers. Tell her "hi" from us.

  2. It sounds like you were meant to meet Hazel in this life. :)