The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, July 31, 2015

One thing after another

The silence was broken today when the fire alarm went off at 11:30, the first time this semester.  Everyone in the building started going outside but us.  We were trying to decide if this was for real or if it was triggered by someone burning something.  All the central kitchen were fine.  It was one of the married apartments.  The fire department was notified not to come and the alarms were all reset. Then we were notified that the one of the two dryers in the boys laundry won't start.  One of the two vacuumed won't start either.  Susana was still out sick so we ran a different vacuum up but now the boys only have one dryer working and this is the last week of the semester so everyone will be packing and getting things ready to go home.  The garbage in the bathrooms hadn't been emptied for a week so we took out the garbage. The air conditioner that was just fixed in the lobby went out again.  Dr. Jacoby was to start class at 1:00 and he had car problems so he called and asked us to get the class started and to greet the incoming speaker.  The students gathered and Dr. Jacoby got there at 1:05 so he took over but the copier got jammed right when the class was suppose to start for the interns.  Elder Anthony fixed the copier. Then one of our young men wanted to bring in a group of people to sing on guitars and tell poems  and talk politics.   He wanted the professor to okay it and we got on the phone calling Provo to make sure Scott was aware.  He was dead against it.  Elder Anthony suggested that he use a back room so if people came into the building we would still be business like.  This is the same kid that took off his shirt and was singing in front of the Barlow on Sunday.  But the back room is the room Elder Anthony has been fixing because of the air conditioner leak.  He had it fixed once and it leaked again.   It needed a coat of paint and then to clean up the painting mess.  Elder Anthony ran home changed clothes and painted and cleaned up the room.  The young man decided not to do it we think.  Then we noticed beeping in the basement.  The back up battery to the WiFi is telling us that it is going out. The student all have papers due.  Elder Anthony searched Susana office but he couldn't find any back up batteries so we will just pray that it keeps chirping through the weekend and hopefully Susana will be in on Monday.  But we have been notified that they are going to work on the alley next to us and repave it and no cars can come in and out so everyone in the building has to come by mass transit.  Susana lives to far away, oh dear.  It will take them a week to get the project done if the weather allows them to work.  Our garbage is picked up on Wednesday and the truck will not be able to get down the alley and this is the biggest garbage pick up of the semester. I guess the best thing to do is go to bed and hope everything keeps going.  Plus I only got half way done with the last 11 chapters in the Book of Revelation.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air.  Water vapor is the gaseous state of water and is invisible.  Humidity indicates the likelihood of precipitation.  Higher humidity reduces the effectiveness of sweating in cooling the body by reducing the rate of evaporation of moisture from the skin.  This effect is calculated in a heat index table.

Today was hot with high humidity.  The humidity was at about 74% so our 92 degree temperature felt more like 100%.  The air is hard to breath when it is so high.  You can almost plan that there will be rain.  This afternoon we had a down pour.  We were grateful to be in the Barlow working on lessons and business.  We needed to go to the bank but just as we were going to leave it looked like the rain was ready to fall and sure enough less than 5 minutes later it did rain and we would have been drenched.  The funny think about rain in Washington is the smell.  In Utah when it rains there is a fresh clean smell.  In Washington is smells wet and moldy.  However there are days when the humidity is very low and the temperature is in the low 80's and it is so nice you can't believe it.

We had a nice visit with our coordinator.  We had the idea that we needed to call institute presidents for all of our classes.  We wanted to run that by our coordinator.  He liked the idea. He is going to check the handbook and talk to a couple of  Bishops.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oh Rats!

Moral of this entry, do not do anyone a favor especially if it has to do with storage.  One of our students from George Washington University called frantic one evening in May and in need of a favor.  Would we store her things for a couple of days until her cousin could pick them up because his wife was pregnant and having some problems.  We said sure for a couple of days.  How much stuff? Just a few boxes.  It ended up filling up the truck and back seat.  We didn't want to carry everything up to the condo so we unloaded in the storage shed in front of our car that goes with the condo. The cousin never came.  But it was out of the way so it was okay until we opened the shed to get something out and she had food in her stuff and we have had rats in there ripping things apart and eating.  Okay so I am grossed out.  We get gloves and a broom and garbage bags and start throwing all the food we can find away and cleaning up the mess.  We had some mice poison from when we had our little friend so we leave the bait.

Today we looked in the shed after going to the temple to get our little grocery cart to get our shopping upstairs. We didn't get all the food.  We found another mess and the bait was gone.  So today we repacked the box with the problem and found some food we had missed.  We threw out every piece of food we could find that rats would want and cleaned up the mess again and put out more poison.  I don't even want to go in that shed anymore.  We have a suitcase in there and it grosses me out that they may be walking around on it.

After class tonight in Columbia Heights we walked out of the church and there were some guys sitting on the last few steps.  All of a sudden I see run down the stairs right next to these guys a great big rat.  I think I am going to have rat nightmares.  I don't do rodents.

This guy is little compared to the one I saw tonight.  Orkin reported that Chicago is the number on city for rodent treatment, Los Angeles is number 3 and Washington DC is number 3.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Physical Labor

We always work but not physically.  Today we worked physically hard.  We had  the J Ruben Clark Law society come into the Barlow.  They had about 90 people. They served a lunch.  Before they came we had to pick up all the tables in the great room.  We vacuumed the foyer and the great room and took out the garbage.  Our maintenance lady has been on the roof fixing air conditioners.   We also cleaned up the front of the Barlow outside. We pulled a few weeds and there were leaves and garbage that people throw down outside.  People throw their cigarette buts and packages everywhere.  Then we brought down 50 more chairs to set up.  We got out serving tables and helped in the kitchen.  We ran from 9:00 to about 2:00.  After it was over they helped us reset up the room.  They had Brother Turley from the Church History Department come and speak.  Elder Anthony was trying to help him get his computer working for his presentation so I got to set up most of the chairs.  Then we had our class tonight with 31 students so it has been a long  busy day. I am not use to doing a lot of lifting so I am tired tonight. We have one more lesson to teach before this group of students go home.
We cleaned the front of the building.

We vacuumed and set up serving tables in the foyer.

We took down and put up the tables, vacuumed, put away all classroom things and got them out again, and added 50 more chairs to this room.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Caught You

Elder Anthony and I headed over to the Barlow tonight for family home evening.  He changed his clothes into Levis and a polo shirt. He put his name tag on.  He walked into the back room because he was going to put a layer of paint on the wall that was damaged and who was in the room?  Pres. Cooke our mission president in his suit.  Elder Anthony felt sheepish for sure.  Pres. Cooke said well it is P-day.  Not for us we teach up on the hill on Mondays and have our weekly meeting with Brother Cottle.  At least I was in my missionary clothes.

We almost got caught in a real down poor this afternoon.  We heard the thunder and saw the lightening and decided we should head back to the condo early and finish working over there.  Just as we walked out the rain started coming and we had a lightening bolt strike so close to us Elder Anthony said he left a jolt in his feet.  It hit so low and so close it was frightening.   Right after we got home flash flood warnings came on our cell phones to take cover.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Talk in Church

I was asked to speak in the Spanish Ward after we gave our talks at girls camp.  That happened this morning.  I had to speak with an interpreter.  Language creates such a huge wall.  I was so concerned about being able to break through the wall or more importantly the Spirit to be able to break through the wall.  I prayed that the man interpreting would have his heart knit with my heart so he could express the feelings I wanted to portray.  I delivered the talk and it must have gone over okay.  I had several people come up after words and a couple were young women.  I had a note handed to me that said, "Thanks Sister Anthony for your words.  You help me with this.  Bless."

One of our purposes today was to meet the bishop and see if we had enough interests for an institute class in the area.  We stayed to a second sacrament meeting and visited with the clerk in another ward and got a huge list of inactive young adults.  There seems to be young people there if they will come to class is another question.

I got a text today that one of our interns was singing with his guitar outside the Barlow without a shirt on.  We headed over and he must have gone in because all was quiet.  What are kids thinking or maybe just not thinking.  We have a very good reputation in the area we don't need one kid destroying that.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Eastern Market

Last winter we went to Eastern Market.  It was nice but it was freezing outside and there were not very many people there.  Today in the middle of the day we decided to take off and take the bus to Eastern Market.  It was huge with vendors everywhere.  It was fun to look around.  What a variety of things to buy.

They had sample on the peaches.  They were wonderful. 

Those are pig feet and ears. 

It was a fun afternoon and gave us a break from our lesson preparation and talk preparation.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy 24th of July

Washington DC doesn't care about the 24th of July.  So today was like any other day.  There were no parades and backyard BBQ's.  At 2:00 we decided to get out of the Barlow and take a break.  We went to the Dunbarton House.  The Dunbarton House is a 200 year old house built as the Federal government was preparing to move from Philadelphia to the new Federal City of Washington.  The house was owned by Joseph Nourse and his wife Maria.  They purchased the house in 1804.  He was the Register of the Treasury.  He purchased 8 acres around his property.

The “Posey Quilt,” an early 19th century American pieced quilt made of silk dress fabrics from a variety of early American women and Posey family members. On public view for the first time in a dedicated exhibition, the quilt includes fabric squares from the dresses of Martha Washington, Nelly Custis, and the quilt’s creator, Mary Alexander Posey, who married Thomas Posey in 1784.
The exhibition will highlight the eight women believed to have owned the dresses used in the quilt, as well as the Posey family and its long tradition of passing the quilt down from mother to oldest daughter; a tradition which moved the quilt across North America for generations until it was donated to Dumbarton House in the early 1960’s. The quilt has small numbers on various squares which correspond to the fabrics of the women’s dresses. A muslin key on the lower left corner of the backing matches the numbers of the fabrics with their owners. According to the key, the quilt includes fabric from the dresses of “Betty Washington Lewis, Nellie Custis, Mary Alexander (Thornton) Posey, Martha Washington, Lucy Posey,” and a “Mrs. Beverly, Mrs. Fairfax, and Mrs. William Thornton.”

When we went in Cynthia the lady at the house saw our name tags and told us that she was Methodist and her daughter two years ago joined the Mormon Church.  Her daughter is going to BYU-Idaho this fall.  We talked to her about the school and told her Jake and Crystal were coming to visit.  We had such a nice conversation with her and she wanted to know about our mission.  It was fun to visit with her.  You never know who you will run into because you are wearing a name tag.

We walked home going over the Dumbarton Bridge.

These big buffalo are at the beginning and the end of the bridge. 

This is a church we passed coming home. 

This is the first time I have seen someone watering their lawn.  We have had several really nice days with low humidity.

We normally hold hands when we are walking around.  We passed a lady in the neighborhood out for her walk and she stopped us.  She said it looks so wonderful to see two people holding hands and talking to each other.  She said  all you see is people with ear plugs in and no one is talking to each other anymore.  She said it is so refreshing to see you two.  We thought that was pretty nice.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


We are getting ready to teach the Book of Revelation for the last two weeks of the semester.  I have been reading solid for the past two days trying to brush up on it.  I learn more each time I teach this book.  It is one of my favorite books to teach.  To do 11 chapters in one lesson is going to take a huge balancing act and a lot of work.

We stopped at about 10:30 and took the Metro to Capitol Hill.  Two of our very most faithful students for our Monday class have not come out for the past three weeks so we decided to find them at work and see what was going on.  One of the young men we went to see works in Jason Chaffetz office.  So we walked in to find him and ran right into the Congress man getting ready to go to a meeting and we had a picture taken with him. We are actually in his district at home. I voted for this man and I am pleased with what he is doing.

We did get to talk to our student after he got a couple of things done for the Congressman.  Then we went to Congressman Labradors office and got to see our other young man.  They have been out of town and assure us they will be back to class on Monday.

We had a little farewell party for one of the interns up in Public Affairs today.  So that was fun. Ice cream and goodies are always fun to eat.  I had a lady contact me today that wants to take our place when we leave.  I told her we were not going for 13 months but she and her husband really want our assignment.  They have been mission presidents.  We had a nice visit.

Elder Anthony has been working on an operation manual for the Barlow.  Scott really wants him to write one.  Then we came home and worked on laundry and read some more.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


There is nothing so sure as change.  Our coordinator talked to us today.  I think he is going to have only one Barlow class next semester instead of one on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We have taught the Tuesday class and he has taught the Wednesday class.  He is going to teach that class and he is thinking of opening up a new area, the Kinsington area, for an institute class.  He is considering having us teach over there if we  (he) can pull together five students.  It will be a little sad not teaching the Barlow interns.  We get really close to some of them from our work with them and teaching them.  Our classes in the Barlow have been really successful this past two semesters.  We have had as many as 40.  When we took over last October we only had four students and we built it up to about 10 to 12.  This semester we haven't had less than 25.  But we are pleased to go and do what ever our coordinator needs us to do.  It just complicates your teaching to have to travel so far to teach.  We will see what is ahead.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I guess we all have some regrets as parents.  I was thinking about our mission and how I love to teach the young adults.  What a joy to search the scriptures together.  I was also reading a conference talk about how it is the responsibility of parents to teach their children.  It basically  said they shouldn't get our left over talents or abilities.  I don't feel like I was ever really able to teach my children.  I have taught thousands of young people and in some cases I have had some very powerful experiences but not with my own children.  I had a young lady come up tonight and said I love institute.  I love coming. It is my spiritual up lift for the week.  In Family Home Evenings and in our daily scripture reading I don't feel like I ever made a difference with my own children.  It always seemed it was an experience to be endured or a source of family fighting or complete apathy.  I am not quite sure how I could have fixed it but I feel like the ability or talent the Lord gave me has never benefited the ones I love the most.

We had a great temple day today.  We did an endowment session and stayed for two sealing sessions.  We got some family cards done that needed to be done.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Pass Along Card

So we are on the bus coming home from teaching our noon class when a nice look black couple get on the bus.  After about 10 minutes he comes up to Elder Anthony and says give me a scripture for the day.  Elder Anthony immediately says, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16. I think the man was shocked that he popped off a scripture that fast.  He said thank you I really needed that.  I understand.  I said if you would like to read some of other scriptures here is a card for a free Book of Mormon.  He took the pass along card and said I am a Baptist.  He went back to his seat and put the card in his pocket.

It was very hot today.  Probably the hottest day we have had.  The sun was out the temperature was 96 and with the humidity the heat index was about 103.  The heat and humidity should break by Wednesday.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Great Sabbath

Today, on the way out the door of our condominium we ran into one of our neighbors, a young man serving an internship in DC.  He attends a private Christian college in Illinois.  His parents are good Christians who have actually served missions for their church and have taken him along when they were in the Dominican Republic.  He has been offered a position upon graduation as a "Worship Leader" at a non-denominational church a short ways from his home once he graduates.  We have gotten to know him well because he lives straight across the hallway from us and we have tried to get him involved with the Barlow interns and he has developed several good relationship with several Barlow interns.  Last night, for instance, we took him to a pool party  with the interns.

Nevertheless, I was surprised this morning to see him sitting with several interns waiting for the bus to church.  He sat with us at church today (not the best day for talks in our ward) and after the close of sacrament meeting I leaned over to him and said, "If you learn nothing else from the experience you have had this summer I hope you will go back and when you hear strange stories about "The Mormons" I hope you will dispel those things that just aren't true."  He said, "I will dispel the rumors that I hear."  He went on to say that I should have heard the comments that his friends and family made when they found out that he was running around with 50 Mormons from across the street. I said it is fast approaching when we are going to have to stick together to defend the Bible.  He agreed.

We had a second interesting event occur on the bus on the way to church.  I had a young Chinese couple come up to me and ask if I was a clergy.  I told them that I was.  They asked if I knew where the Chinese Christian Church was located in Friendship Heights.  I told them that I did not know where it was.  She then asked if they could attend our church.  I told her that they could and she asked how long our church took.  I explained it lasted about an hour.  Because her English was broken I knew that I needed help.  I asked which one of our interns from the Barlow spoke Chinese.  I no sooner got the words out of my mouth than I was joined by one of our interns.  After they talked for a few minutes the Chinese fellow turned to me and said, "He knows Chinese very well."  All I could do was smile.

Well, they did attend church with us and it just so happened that we had two sets of Chinese Elders in the ward for church today.  Boy did they have a field day with this young couple.  They stayed for all of sacrament meeting and remained afterwards for at least 1/2 hour asking questions.

We ended up today with four investigators at Church that we have all had something to do with.  On the way home on the bus it got a little exciting.  Two homeless men got in a fight yelling at each other.  One got off the bus and the other one followed and started beating the older man up.  He tried to throw the man into on coming traffic.  The bus driver jumped out of the bus and tried to get them out from the front of the bus and the traffic.  A huge black man came to the rescue and went out and stood between the man throwing punches and the older man.  The older man got back on the bus and the other man walked away.  The older guy had a huge goose egg on his forehead.  Everyone was re- leaved that the big black guy went to the rescue.  Everyone that was sitting in the front of the bus crowded to the back to get out of the middle of it all.

We had seven people over for dinner this afternoon.  There are some interns from other schools that are great young people.  We invited some of them our ward mission leader and the Elders.  Those sour dough waffles are always a hit.

I started getting text messages from Hazel our young lady that joined the Church and went back to Ohio.  She was so excited.  She got on family search and found her great grand parents.  Some of their work has been done and she realizes that there are other distant relatives that are members.  She was so happy she said, "I am literally tingling and I can't wipe the smile off of my face. i am not all alone." This work is soooo awesome.    

Rain on Saturday

For 40 days (and nights), relentless waves of storms have soaked the corridor from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore. An unbelievable 12-15 inches of rain has drenched this area since June 1 — more rain than falls in an entire summer, on average (10.44 inches in D.C.). Rain has fallen on 25 of the last 36 days.  This was as of July 7.  I couldn't find the rain totals up to today.  But Saturday it rained in the morning.  We stayed in and worked on the training course we are suppose to complete this summer.  
We had a family in Dr. Jacoby's ward that hosted the BYU interns at their home for a pool party.  Their home is spectacular.  There was a pool in the back to swim in and they catered in Famous Dave's BBQ pork, ribs, brisket, mac and cheese, and corn bread.  They had green salad and cobbler and cookies for desert.  It was soooo good.  It was a really fun party.  Their home is in the most beautiful wooded setting.  Her husband is out of town 3 out of every 4 weeks.  He was gone until the end of August.  It makes you wonder if the trade off is worth it.  They are an extremely generous kind family.  Elder Anthony helped shuttle students from the Metro to the house.  

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Door is Open

We went into the Barlow today.  I had a wonderful visit with Susana.  Then our support specialist came in and we had a fun visit.  I was asked to take pictures of Lydia, Ben the receptionist for public affairs, and their intern Charlie who will be leaving us in two weeks.  Then Kindra, Dr. Jacoby's wife, stopped by and visited.  In between I got my lesson finished for next week and my emails answered.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

What happened to this Day?

This day just slipped away without me feeling like I really accomplished much.  I had several emails to answer.  I schedule the Barlow for conferences.  I quite often get asked if there are hotels close so we took off and got business cards from the three closest hotels.  Now I can answer that question.    I had several calls.  I feel like I talked a lot today.  We did water aerobics this morning.  I did give Elder Anthony a haircut.  We did get the laundry done.  I did get the kitchen cleaned. We did go to a mall on the metro to check out a sale on shoes.  There wasn't anything we could use.  So I guess I would call this day a P Day.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Good Things are Happening when....

Good things are happening when you receive a text that says,"Hi Elder Anthony- I know it's late, but I had to share! So the last question I asked you tonight, I think I found my answer.  The section about the Comforter is very clear.  Tonight was amazing. I felt like my spiritual mind was blown and the Spirit taught me so much!"

Or you opened up Facebook to see this post, "  Tonight at my Institute class, I was reminded of a law in economics: something is worth only what someone else is willing to pay for it.
What are you worth?

18 Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers;
19 But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:"  

Good things are happening when your students are learning by the Spirit and wanting to share what they learned with others. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Temple Tuesday

Tuesday is Temple day. We are getting to know the temple workers and the other patrons that come on Tuesday morning on the 8:00 a.m. session.  There was nothing unusual about today. I got a hair cut.  We got class treats at Costco for Wednesday and Monday afternoon.  We worked in the office for three hours this afternoon.  We taught 1 and 2 Peter tonight.  We had a great turn out and a great class.

One of my new favorite verse is in 2 Peter 1:9.  Peter describes characteristics we must develop so that we might be partakers of the divine nature. Then in verse 9 he says, "But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins."  When  we are not trying to become like the Savior and develop his characteristics we are blinded and forget that we have been purged from our sins.  We forget what the Lord has done for us and what we are heirs to.

Lydia our support specialist took this picture of the temple while she was driving down the freeway.  Isn't that a beautiful view. 

Elder Anthony grabbed a picture of me blogging.  There is my new haircut. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Joseph Smith

Today I read the best conference talk by Elder Neil L. Andersen.  He talked about Moroni telling Joseph that his name would be had for good and evil among all nations, kindreds, and tongues.  We shouldn't be surprised that we still see terrible things written about Joseph. Elder Andersen said that one of the reasons the Lord allows evil speaking to chase after the good is that "opposition against the things of God sends seekers of truth to their knees for answers." I liked that he said," studying the Church...through the eyes of its defectors is like interviewing Judas to understand Jesus."  He was quoting Neal A. Maxwell.  I felt impressed to challenge my grandchildren to take Elder Andersen's challenge to read and I will add to watch the Joseph Smith story and to pray and find out if Joseph Smith is a prophet of God.  The other challenge he gives is to find scriptures in the Book of Mormon that you feel and know are absolutely true.  Then share them with family and friends.  I have to finish up one challenge before I invite a new one but I want to remember not to forget to do this.

Elder Andersen used the analogy of using an oxygen mask on an airplane.  "Be sure to adjust your own make before helping others.  The negative commentary about the Prophet Joseph Smith will increase as we move toward the Second Coming of the Savior. The half-truths and subtle deceptions will not diminish.  There will be family members and friends who will need your help. Now is the time to adjust your own spiritual oxygen mask so that you are prepared to help others who are seeking the truth."

I feel so blessed.  The first thing I remember getting a testimony of in this gospel was the prophet Joseph Smith.  I remember the feeling and the experience as if it were yesterday.  It was in December.  We had moved the huge stereo out of the living room to make room for our Christmas tree.  The stereo was in my parents room.  I was 13 years old. My brother had returned from his mission and when he did he brought home a vinyl record in a purple cover with white lettering and an outline form of the Prophet Joseph Smith on the cover.  I was alone.  I pulled out the record and put it on the stereo and laid down in front of the stereo to listen.  I was so caught up in the story that the night came on and I didn't get up and turn on the light.  I just laid and listen.  I remember the Spirit testifying to me that it was true.  Joseph saw God and Jesus Christ.  The angel Moroni did appear to him and he did translate from golden plates the Book of Mormon.  I had tears streaming down my face.  I have never doubted that experience and the Book of Mormon proves in every verse that Joseph is a prophet of God.

I want my Grandchildren to know he is the prophet of the restoration.  So in the next  few days Moms and Dads I will be challenging my older grandchildren to read out loud the Joseph Smith story and to watch the Church's movie of Joseph Smith and to share with me and their friends favorite Book of Mormon scriptures and why they know they are true.

I just took a chance and googled vinyl record of Joseph Smith Story and guess what I found?  On Ebay someone is selling this record.  This is the one I was listening to.  This is just as I remember it.

Here is one for sell on Amazon.  So they still exist if you had a record player and 25 dollars. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Quiet Sabbath

We didn't invite anyone over for dinner today.  Sometimes you just need a quiet day.  We had one of our neighbor come by and bring us flowers. She is 93 years old. She wanted to thank us for the treats we bring her.  She confessed that she knew of a couple of neighbors that were out of town and had decided that when she came back into the building that she would grab theirs and keep them.  She said when she came back just three hours latter that someone had already taken them. She felt bad and wondered if we had picked them up.  I assured her I did not.  I have a good idea who did take them.  I guess they are telling me that they need bigger treats.

We had a great missionary meeting today.  We have sisters back in the ward and one of them I taught in seminary.  So that is fun.

Elder Anthony was asked to give two blessings today.  What a sweet service Elder Anthony has been able to offer.

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Today was our day at Gettysburg.  We got up at 6:15 so we could get ready and walk to the bagel store and pick up our order of bagels and have them back to the Barlow by 7:20 and then it was on the buss and off we went.

There is a cannon ball in this house from the civil war.  

The Group

Grave Yard at Gettysburg