The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, July 27, 2015

Caught You

Elder Anthony and I headed over to the Barlow tonight for family home evening.  He changed his clothes into Levis and a polo shirt. He put his name tag on.  He walked into the back room because he was going to put a layer of paint on the wall that was damaged and who was in the room?  Pres. Cooke our mission president in his suit.  Elder Anthony felt sheepish for sure.  Pres. Cooke said well it is P-day.  Not for us we teach up on the hill on Mondays and have our weekly meeting with Brother Cottle.  At least I was in my missionary clothes.

We almost got caught in a real down poor this afternoon.  We heard the thunder and saw the lightening and decided we should head back to the condo early and finish working over there.  Just as we walked out the rain started coming and we had a lightening bolt strike so close to us Elder Anthony said he left a jolt in his feet.  It hit so low and so close it was frightening.   Right after we got home flash flood warnings came on our cell phones to take cover.

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  1. That is really scary that the lighting bolt was so close to you guys!