The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Book of Mormon Play

Last night some of our Barlow's and some from the missionary committee in the ward went to the Kennedy center after the Book of Mormon play and passed out Book of Mormons.  They passed out 90 copies.  The week before in Church they had people write their testimony in the books so they  would all have testimonies in.  They were received very well.  People were really polite to them.  They asked would you like to have a Book of Mormon from a real Mormon.

 One student got a referral for the missionaries from a person that already had a book and had talked to the missionaries before.  We had hoped to be involved in the this activity but our area leader didn't want the missionaries in Washington DC involved.  But everyone was so encouraged that members where willing to share.  It was a very successful event put on by our Barlow missionary committee.

Our fast and testimony meetings are always so great.  I loved Brother Dickey's testimony today about staying on the path even if it is a challenge.  When we leave the path we lose the Spirit and we can not continue on without the Spirit.  Something he said, "we just don't know but stay on the path and in time you will understand and have your questions answered."  It was a great meeting and the Spirit was there.

Then in Relief Society our teacher asked a question that I am still pondering on.  She taught a lesson on grace. She asked how do you show God's grace to those around you?  I don't think I have ever been asked that question and it has caused me to wonder how well I am doing at giving others grace or am I too quick to judge and assume.  Don't we each need the respect the Lord gives us to make our own decisions.  Consequences come with those choices but the Lord gives us the right to be who we want to be.  We need to offer each other grace.

We were going to take an investigator and a couple of the Barlow's to the visitor center tonight to meet with the Sister Missionaries.  At the last minute the investigator changed her mind and could't go so we were able to work on the training lessons that we have been asked to complete in the next couple of weeks. I also decided to make some wheat fruit and nut rounds.  I don't know what they are called but we just make them out of wheat dough and roll them out into a round and bake them and you can grab them for breakfast.  They are full of nuts and dried fruit.

Just a little commentary on the Book of Mormon Play.  A couple of our students went to see it.  They were appalled by the play.  The Church has shown great respect for amendment rights.  I think most church would want to picket this disrespectful play.  One of our student said that  he thought he would by language and he was but he has shocked at how immoral the play was.  He said Africans should also be offended.   When he left he said I couldn't feel any Spirit I wish I had never gone it was a mistake.  Desert News reported  Jim Bennett said: Should Mormons find "The Book of Mormon" musical offensive? Yes. Not because they're Mormons, but because they're human beings.


  1. It makes me sad to see people who go to watch that play for entertainment. I wish that play would just stop.

  2. It just started playing in SLC. It was sold out immediately. It will be interesting to see the repercussions.