The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Almost forgot

We went on part of the inter faith walk.  The Church helps sponsor this event once a year. It is a two mile walk.  I got us off the bus to early so we had an additional mile or so.  We didn't get to all the churches but the ones we went too were really interesting.    

This is where the program started at the Washington Hebrew Congregation. We were still in Church when this started so we were behind most of the walk. 

This is an Evangelist church with drums and the whole works.  If you wanted laying on of hands they would do that for you.  The pastor was very nice and treated us really well.  There is a Jewish congregation that meets in the building on Saturdays. They believe in Christ but they practice all the Jewish holidays and traditions but they find Christ in these ceremonies.  I hadn't heard of them before.   

This is the Catholic Church.  This is were the Pope spoke when he was in DC.  The very last church on the walk we didn't get to.  But they were concluding the walk at an Islamic church that was televising in the Pope speaking in Philadelphia.  

Sikh had you remove your shoes and cover your head.  They are from India.  They were feeding people.  There founder in 1400 was given a large sum of money by his father and told to do something great with it.  He fed the poor.  That is what they do now they feed people.  It is all volunteer including the food being donated. One of the guys really like us and insisted we eat.  Then he kept coming back with more food and putting it on our plate.  It was mostly really good but we could not get out of there.  This is were we stopped our tour.  We had students coming for dinner so we had to get home.  I wasn't hungry at all when we got home.  It was funny because they guy had a huge mustache and beard.  He kept using his fingers to smooth his mustache away.  When we were up by this altar they had some kind of food thing there and he grabbed two napkins and used his fingers to grab our this brown stuff and put it on the napkin and told us to eat it with the same fingers he continually smoothed his mustache.  We did.  It was actually really good.  I have no idea what I ate in the down stairs but it all was good accept the sour yogurt with some kind of bean in it.  The rest was great. 

Our guide kept telling me that they believed in only one god.  That is what that blue sign says.  
Saturday we went to a farmers market.  The produce is soooo expensive but it is so good.  We bought a couple of ear of fresh corn  75 cents each and a spaghetti squash 4 dollars and some apples 2.99 a pound.  They have live bands playing.  


  1. The Jews who believe in Christ are called, Messianic Jews. Looks interesting.

  2. Our area does a lot of interfaith stuff and service projects. I think it's great.

  3. That is really neat! I said lots of prayers on my mission that the Lord would keep me healthy when I ate questionable things. I wish I could give you some of my corn. It is delicious!