The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rain Day/ Mary Lou

Flooding from Hurricane Joaquin will impact areas from South Carolina to Massachusetts even though the hurricane is unlikely to make landfall in the United States.
People should not let their guard down due to a shifting track of the hurricane as the risk to lives and property in this complex situation remains high.
A copious amount of moisture will unload very heavy rainfall along parts of the Atlantic Seaboard and the Appalachians into early next week. Strong winds, coastal flooding and beach erosion will occur and could be very damaging even in the absence of a landfall.
There is the current weather report.  It rained all day.  Our class was a little smaller today because of the rain.  The temperature has dropped 20 degrees and it is chilly today.  We got our class taught, the shopping done, and I got the spaghetti sauce made for Sunday between conference.  We also got the laundry done.  We are worried that our students will get cold tonight.  We don't have any heat in the building and the boiler work has not been started.  We took space heaters up to the common areas on both floors because the temperatures is down to 55.  I am so grateful that we didn't have to be out tonight.  
We got word today that our good friend Mary Lou Fulton passed away.  I feel so bad for  Ira.  He will be so lost without her.  They have been so generous to bless the lives of young people.  The Barlow Center has been blessed to have them contribute and make it possible for our interns to have such a lovely place.  Mary Lou will be missed.  


  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your good friend. Sorry also to hear how cold it suddenly turned. We are watching the hurricane news also. It's supposed to get much colder here starting tomorrow.

  2. That is sad about Mary Lou. I liked her. I am still waiting for Dad to send me Ira's address.