The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, November 30, 2015

Cold Rainy Day

We made a meeting and got the check out information for our students out before we met Justin's family at 10:50.  We all headed to Capitol Hill.  While we taught our Monday class Justin and family went on a tour of the Capitol.  We met them after and went to eat lunch at We the Pizza.  They have great pizza.  We then headed to the Natural History Museum.  They only made it through one floor.  We then went to the IMAX Theater to see a Dinosaur 3 D movie.  The kids loved it.

We had a funny thing happen yesterday on the bus going to Church.  A black drunk man got on the bus and came to the back where we were all sitting and set down in the middle of us.  He got talking to William and they hit it off.  William was laughing with him and giving him hi fives.  Then McKayla started playing a game with him.  He finally decided to take out a can a beer.  He asked them if they knew what that was.  I said that isn't good for you.  The kids said you shouldn't drink that.  He said don't you get involved in any addictions because you are gifted.  He started drinking his beer.  It is against the rules to eat or drink on the bus.  McKayla told him you shouldn't drink that on the bus.  The bus pulled over and a another metro vehicle pulled up and a guy got on the bus and came to the back and told the guy he had to get off of the bus.  The drunk didn't like it but he finally got up and left.  The security guy apologized to us for his behavior.  That is the first time I have seen that.  The kids got the message that you don't eat or drink on the bus.  I think he also didn't pay his fare and I think they thought he was really bothering us but he wasn't too bad.  William thought he was hilarious.

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  1. That is nice to hear that they make drunk passengers get off. I wish I could have seen William with him.