The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Elder Anthony is Up

Elder Anthony was up for the day today.  We spent a about a half hour at the Barlow before leaving to teach our mothers.  The class went well today.  It is always fun to teach these women even in the middle of chaos.  It has really simplified our assignment not to take lunch into this one group.  They were the hardest to feed.  We made our regular stop at Costco to pick up a few items.  Elder Anthony is still in a bit of pain but he was good enough to walk around and able to sit for longer spells than before.

Thursday always signals the week is over at least our teaching assignment are over for the week.  It is the day to come home and get the laundry done.  I was pretty mad at myself.  I have been trying to transfer my email contacts for the mission work to my mission email.  Elder Anthony helped me and we got every one transferred between A to H.  We couldn't seem to get  I to Z to transfer over. So I had entered the rest in today by hand.  But when I went to see them and organize them  they still only showed A to H.  I knew I had put them in I was so frustrated until I noticed at the top of the screen an arrow that when clicked  took you to the next page and then to the next page.  They had been there all the time I just hadn't turned the page so I had everyone in there twice.  That is when you really feel dumb.  What a waste of my afternoon.


  1. I bet you could get away with not feeding people and they would still love to come to your class.