The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, November 27, 2015

Fun Day

Today was a full day of fun.  Before I explain our fun day I have to remember to record a funny from yesterday.  When Justin called us to tell us they had arrived we asked if everything had gone okay.  He said yes but the plane was late in leaving.  When we asked why he said it was William's fault.  William decided right at take off that he had to go to the bathroom really bad right then.  So Justin got up to take him.  The stewardess said he can't go right now we are going to take off.  Justin explained when he has to go he has to go.  The pilot came out and asked what the hold up was.  The stewardess said that a little boy had to go to the bathroom bad.  The pilot looked at Justin and said you know we can't take off until he is seat belted.  Justin said I will get him in his seat as soon as he gets out.  William when they were landing was sitting next to Justin and when they touched down he looked at Justin and said, "That was awesome."  

Today was also awesome.  We started off going to Arlington to see the changing of the guard and Pres. Kennedy's grave.

We went to National Air and Space Museum.

We came back and had Thanksgiving left overs.  We then headed to the temple.  Sarah and I did a session.  Justin and half the kids took the Metro to the temple and Elder Anthony dropped half the group off at the visitor center  and Sarah and I at the temple and then picked up Justin and the other half and got them to the visitor center.  Then he took Justin back to the metro and when we finished the session the other half of the family came back in the car.  How do you beat a great day like that.

Our Vernal Family is learning about transportation in Washington.  William is fascinated by the escalators.  They don't have escalators in Vernal.  He would be happy riding them up and down.


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  2. That's so funny that William loves the escalators. Just give him a couple days. They get old really fast.