The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, November 13, 2015

No Hot Water

Elder Anthony had to relight the flame for the water heater again.  That is occurring about every three days.  I knew that adjusting flame wasn't going to work.  It is getting past the stage of being gracious.
We went with the students early today to go to the Newsuem.  It is one of our favorite museums and it is costly.  We got to see the new display today on the FBI that has just opened.  It was saddening to see a wall dedicated to weapons of terror showing different kinds of IED or improvised explosive devices.  Sarah brother died because of an IED.

We got home later this afternoon and ate our dinner and started working on our lessons.  So it was a fun day.

I forgot to post some random pictures I took on Wednesday when we were as a mission to get our pictures taken.

Missionaries heading over for the pictures.

A young lady serving in the mission from Russ' Stake. 

Our mission president Peter Cooke.

President and Sister Cooke. 

Some of the mission couples.

Elder Ord one of our favorite missionaries.  He is now assistant to the President.  

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