The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, November 14, 2015

People on the Bus Go

We ride a lot of buses.  We actually prefer the bus to the metro.  If you need to get some place fast you take the metro.  But you ride around in dark holes.  The bus gives you an opportunity to see people and places and the latest happenings.  So we like the bus.   We took the bus tonight to the ward for the Thanksgiving dinner that the ward had.  Everyone brought the side dishes and they ward provided the ham and turkey.  It was a fun night and everyone comes. The food was great and got me excited about Thanksgiving.  As we were riding the bus home and more people kept getting off and by the time we got to our stop we were the last ones one the bus so we had a private bus for a time.

The other day we were on the bus. We like the seats in the back.  When the bus gets really full and there is only standing room if you are in the back you don't feel obligated to give your seat away to someone in worse shape than you because they can't get to the back and up the stairs.  The other day we were in the back and we were the only whites in the back.  Which is no problem but Elder Anthony lived in the South in the late 1960's.  There was still segregation at that time and blacks could only ride in the back of the bus.  He said we have come  a long way in my life time.  What a dumb thing segregation was.

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  1. I preferred the buses to the metro for the same reason as well.