The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day

I am hoping I can remember everything that happened today.  We needed to be at the temple at 8:30 this morning to meet with all the missionaries in our mission for a mission photo.  Most were staying for mission transfer meeting but we needed to get back to the Barlow.  Susana has been out sick and we got a call before 8 telling us the elevator inspector was suppose to come in this morning.  There was no way we could be there to meet him so our support specialist let him in.  Our elevators passed. We also got to meet a couple of the new missionaries couples that just came out.

This is what has happened this week while Susana has been out sick.
Wednesday morning we had CRW out working on the switch for the hot water.  That went out again this morning.  He has adjusted the gas flow.  We are hoping that will fix it.  I don't have much faith in that fix.  This is the third time in the last week it has gone out and left everyone with cold showers.  

Monday they fixed the pipe on the second floor.  They left the cold water turned off so the students had no cold water Monday night to Tuesday morning at 6.  They couldn't flush toilets or get a shower without getting burned.  We called out an emergency guy  on  Monday night who couldn't find the problem.  The cold is now up and running again.  

However room 301 has no water pressure for the shower.  I took the CRW guy up who is not a plumber and he said the diverter switch is out in the handle system.  They have water pressure into the tub but when the plug is pulled they  get hardly any water from the shower head.  We are hoping Susana can fix that or if we need to call a plumber.

We hope to have both boilers up and going tonight.  We had one going last night.  Gary from BYU is going to teach Elder Anthony and Susana how to perform maintenance so we get a long life out of this system. They will do that at 8:00 tomorrow morning before we leave to teach our mothers class.  

I am running around with the CRW man and asked him to check the shower in room 301 and I get a text that both washing machines on the girls floor will not work.  So I head up there.  It looks like they need to reset because they have blinking lights.  Elder Anthony tells me to unplug them and see if that will reset them.  That fixes the problem but you have to pull one of the units out to get to the plug.  So that was a pain. 

So that is what has been happening with the building the last 3 days.  I wrote a letter to our mission president suggesting that we have missionaries not involved in teaching come to institute classes.  This was my reasoning to President Cooke. 

We would like to suggest that you might want to have missionaries attend institute when they are available and don't have teaching commitments if a class is conveniently located near them. We would like to invite the missionaries to bring contacts and less active members to institute. 
1) They build relationships of trust with members, This increases their ability to get referrals. 
2) They make contact with non-members who attend. When students bring non-member friends the missionaries are able to start working with them.  For instance, last seek Edgar, a non-member, showed up at the Columbia Heights Institute Class.  Sister Ete and her companion taught him that night (but did not stay for the rest of institute) and afterwards Elder Fisher and Coombs taught him a second lesson because he had further questions.  
3) Their testimonies and understanding of the gospel is increased. We have had elders tell us that they have never attended institute before and that they will attend institute when they return home. (It is very common today with the change in missionary age that the Elders have not attended college before entering the mission field.)  We know it will be a huge blessing in their lives if they will attend when they return home and it will help them to maintain the spirit of the mission for years afterwards.  Elder Anthony found when serving in a single ward bishopric that it was very rare that a disciplinary court was held for an individual who attended institute.  The bishop would make attending institute one of their requirements as they work on their repentance process.  

We believe that institute is a great avenue for missionaries to accomplish the work.  It is also a wonderful resource for finding, teaching, and retaining young adult member of the church.  If they are not out teaching we would love to see missionaries encouraged to go to institute.  We believe that it could have a great impact on the work here.  We are hoping that President will consider our suggestion. 

Today was Veterans Day which made traffic a little lighter.  Elder Anthony had heard that Veterans could get a free car wash.  On our way back from getting our picture taken we looked up a car wash in the area.  We were in desperate need.  Our car has not been cleaned in a year.  We found a place on the way in and I thought they would do the 19.99 special. No it was the 35 dollar wash and they vacuumed and cleaned the inside.  I was so happy to get it cleaned. It was so nice of them to offer that service to veterans.  But we also found out that places were giving out free dinners.  The one closes to us was Red Robin so we stopped on the way to our teaching assignment and Elder Anthony got a free hamburger and fries and I payed for a meal.  So that was a nice perk.  

Our class tonight was so small.  I don't know maybe everyone thought we were not going to hold it because of Veterans Day or maybe we shouldn't have.  We only had four people.  Two were regular students and then we had two new students.  Hopeful they will come back that class is really struggling right now.  

I am working on entering and email address for the Washington DC stake young adults that are not attending institute.  That is a big project but hopefully we can invite others to come to class that are not coming.  Or I will make people mad at me.  



  1. That's a lot to remember -- especially all the maintenance work. UGH! Sounds like you oversee a lot of repairs. Maybe the building needs a thorough inspection and old plumbing components replaced.

  2. Who knew you'd being dealing with all these issues when you were called to this mission??
    It was so nice to visit with you for a while the other night. I know you're doing an awesome job. Jared has been a few of your students and they all say how much they love you. Hope you stay healthy!!

  3. I wish I could get a free car cleaning like that! My Mitsubishi looks pretty bad right now.