The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, December 21, 2015

70 more student than last year

Today was a work day.  I cleaned and sorted out the kitchens.  I don't know how things on the girls floor ends up on the guys floor and visa versa. I can see them taking something down or up but why don't they take their things back.  I made about 10 trips between the two kitchens and sorted out the four married apartments.  It makes me mad when I see the really good pans we have purchased abused.  My next job was trying to clean them up.

I am still working on this pan.  I even bought oven off to work this thing over.  

With oven off and a lot of elbow grease I got this clean. 

This pan was so bad the bottom is coming off.  It is a Farberware heavy pan.  I think this is the pan that brought out the fire department. It will have to be thrown out. 

I didn't take a picture of all the pans that I cleaned up.  

This is the same pans.  
Scott said get good pans that don't have to be replaced every semester.  So I got the best, All-Clad.  This was after the first semester.  Because they are good pans I was able to bring them back but it makes you mad when you see expensive pans treated like this. 

This is what the pans looked like when I finished cleaning them up.  
We also had a meeting this morning.  Mike told us that the year end numbers were in.  Since we have been here their numbers were up by 70 students because of the recruiting we have been doing.  That made me feel really good but there is still so many more young people that need to be coming that it is hard to pat yourself on the back.  But we have worked hard on getting students out.  Mike was really pleased with our new class out by the temple and how it is going.

We also headed to the VA because Elder Anthony is suppose to get four more physical therapy classes done.  The classes are only on Monday at 12:00 and Thursday at 12:00.  When we are teaching we teach at those times so we were hoping to go this week and next week and get that accomplished.  They aren't doing it this week so I am not really sure how we are going to pull this off.  They don't know about next week yet.

For family home evening we finished reading The Forgotten Christmas Carols.  I think we have read this book out loud each year for about 20 years.  We use to read it out loud with our children on Sunday evenings leading up to Christmas.


  1. Hope you both have a very Merry Christmas. Love you tons, Karen

  2. There is a lot of new elbow grease on those pan surfaces. Way to go!! Good work on recruiting more students too.

  3. When people are using things, they don't really care about them. It's sad to see how people abuse things.