The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

I will admit I was missing being with family today.  We got up this morning and headed to the visitor center next to the temple to meet as a mission.

I don't think I can remember ever seeing the streets in DC so empty.  At 8:00 a.m. there were only a few cars on the road.  One of them was another mission couple headed to the same place we were going. They have only been in the mission a couple of weeks so it was helpful that they could follow us.  

At 8:36 this morning it was already at 66 degree.  It got up to about 73 today with rain.  It was so humid that every joint in our bodies ached.  

There was a foggy midst.  

We got to the visitor center after dropping off our jello for lunch at the stake center and joined with the other missionaries in our mission.  Before we went in we enjoyed seeing the creche display at the Visitor Center.

French word creche is used to describe a distinctive nativity scene displayed during Christmas season.  These scenes depicting the birth of Jesus became popular in the 13 century.  








United States was the very nativity I got while we have been in Washington DC



Puerto Rico 

We all met in the Visitor Center auditorium where our missionary presidents family each took a minute and bore their testimonies and shared what an impact the missionaries had been on their family.  

Pres. Cooke said I know you miss being with your families but this is the only time you will have this experience to be with your mission family.  Savor every moment because you can not recapture this time again.  He told us that our abilities are not as important as our attitude.  He told us that the Lord uses ordinary people to do extra ordinary things.

We then got to watch a movie.  The Assistance to the President tried to pull our leg by starting the beginning of the new Star War movie. I couldn't believe they had gotten that movie but it was a joke and they filmed peoples disappointment.  The movie we saw was called Inside Out.

I really liked it.  Elder Anthony didn't.

After the movie we went to the stake center.  The Pratt family for the past 4 years has given the service of feeding the missionaries Christmas dinner.  They foot the bill on that. (Except for the jellos) They asked for help cutting up the 9 or 10 turkeys.  They asked the senior couples to help.  I was the only female that volunteered to help.

Good thing we had so many helpers it took a long time to cut one bird up.
That is a lot of people to feed. I can't believe they do that on the Christmas day.

They had a talent show after.  

We each received a gift from Pres. and Sister Cooke along with a hand shake and a special thanks. 

In the Special Operations world – Navy SEALs, Delta Force, Green Berets, Rangers, Marine Force Recon, Air Force CCT/Para-Rescue, to name a few,  use the term CHARLIE MIKE as a code for Continue Mission when speaking on the radio to higher command or other teammates. Whether you’re about to jump from an airplane, dive from a boat or assault a target – CHARLIE MIKE is all about making the mission happen – it’s about Never Giving Up until you have completed the mission and hearing the words MIKE CHARLIE: Mission Complete

Our mission president is a 3 star general.  He told us that he had 5,000 troops fighting over Christmas under his command one year.  He has adapted the phrase Charlie Mike in our mission.  When he finishes a talk or sends out a letter he ends it Charlie Mike.  Last year for Christmas he gave us all T-shirts that said Charlie Mike on the back and a water bottle.  This year he shook every missionaries hand and gave us each a Christmas Card with all the missionaries pictures on and a nice picture of their family and them and a nice heavy metal book mark with the words Charlie Mike a Book of Mormon with his and Sister Cooke'e testimony and a candy cane.  Our mission president will be released in July.  He has been the perfect man for this job in this place.

We came home to start calling our family as did the young missionaries.  Jan was so nice to go to Beehive House with her iPad so we could talk to Grandma Larsen and see each other.  Her speech is improving and we could understand her better today.  Then we talked to Lisa's family, Michael's family, David's family, Justin's family, and we hope to get Crystal's family soon.  So you can see it has been a wonderful day.

I can't remember if I posted this picture or not.  This is a nativity that Elder Anthony gave me.  Our neighbor across the hall travels to Africa all the time.  Elder Anthony asked her to purchase me a nativity from Uganda.  This is all hand made.  

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  1. Wow! That nativity from Uganda is really neat! I can't wait to see it in person.