The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Decorations.

I got brave and washed the curtains in our condo.  They had a gray color to them.  As long as you have the curtain down you might as well wash the window as well.  The sliding door spans the entire room.  But they look better.

I got out the nativity we purchased last year and our decorations and decorated our condo.

We have a fake plant arrangement that became our Christmas Tree.  I put the lights and little decorations on it. 

This is our nativity set.  

This is a second little nativity.  

Christmas rug at the door.
Lisa made us these Christmas stockings last year .  Those are little missionary name tags on the stockings.

We needed to walk over to Staples and we went a little further and found a new Art Gallery that has just opened.  It is one of the Smithsonian.  So it was free.

There was a whole room filled with these pillar things made our of little square pieces of paper.  Like sticket notes.

There was a room of these tree nests.  They were huge and people could walk into them.
This was made with strings and laser lights.

They took casts of trees and built these tree out of little wood blocks.

This was some kind of net display.  Each one of these displays took up an entire room.  People would lay on the floor and watch the netting flow and change colors.

Even the chandelier above the stair case was a cool light display.

This display was made out of car tires.  You could smell the tire smell as soon as you entered the room.

This display was made out of glass marble balls.  It was almost creepy to see it crawl through the room.

This was some kind of hanging art piece.

These next pictures when you first look into the room looked like wall paper until you got up close and realized that it was designs from insects.

The building itself was really neat looking.

Even the outside of the building was neat.

The gift shop had this on the wall.  That is a dolls arm coming out of the side.

They had very interesting things in the gift shop.

We also worked on our last lesson for the year.
This is the one of the roses Justin's family gave me.  

On our walk home I had to keep two of my favorite leaves this fall.  This red one is so beautiful on the tree.  It makes the tree look like the rose in the picture above.  The color is so intense.  They are rich looking and beautiful.  

I love these little fan like leaves.  They are the so yellow. These two trees close to each other make the most beautiful fall leaves in the area.

We walked through George Washington University campus building on the way home.  They have some cool buildings for sure.  
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  1. Those are really creative art displays!

  2. That was a very interesting museum. Those artists are definitely creative.