The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ford Theater

We are suppose to stay out of the Barlow today and tomorrow.  They are doing deep cleaning on our floor and they are shampooing the carpet tomorrow.  We had a meeting with our FM guy at 10:30 so Elder Anthony went over to get an agenda ready.  I started the washing and making a potato salad for Saturday.  I picked up 3 Subway sandwiches and met up with them at 11:30.  We had lunch together and tried to stay out of the way of the cleaners.

We took off at 1:00 to get to the Ford Theater.  We had tickets for the matinee play A Christmas Carol  at the Ford Theater.  It was so fun and so well done.  It was a really fun afternoon.

We ran into a Mormon family that comes every year.  They took our picture.  

Elder Anthony is coming down with another cold.  Hopefully he won't give it to me.  When we got home I worked on getting our Christmas treat ready for our neighbors.

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  1. That would be so cool to see a play at the Ford theatre! I am so jealous! A mission has been good for dad, he has learned to smile and pose for pictures. :)