The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Today we went to the VA for Elder Anthony to see two of his doctors.  One in hematology and his PC.  His PC is finally going to do something to try and help him.  Besides the physical therapy he just barely was able to get into they are going to give him a muscle relaxant and a new drug I can't remember the name that is suppose to help the nerves.  She is also going to send him to a chiropractor to see if that would help.  At least something is going to be done to try and help him get some relief. He has a hard time sleeping at night because of pain.   While we were there we bumped into .........

By the time we finished two doctors appointments and two blood draws it was after 1:00 before we got home.  Justin and his family had dropped off their things from the hotel and were out sight seeing.  But to our surprise we had a nice love note and ......

We got dinner ready and they met us at the condo to eat.  Then we all rode on the Metro.  They are staying at a hotel close to the airport tonight because they leave early in the morning to fly home.  We were teaching our class in Columbia Heights and it was in the same direction but we got off earlier than they did.  It was hard to tell them good-bye knowing it would be 9 months before we get to see them again.  It seems like a long time when I tried to explain to McKayla that when she starts school next year we will come home.  She felt that was way too long.  Little does she know that will pass so fast.  The Metro was so crowded tonight but I am glad we were able to get them transferred and on the right train headed to the airport.

Well we are back to our regular work tomorrow.  We need to go on a diet for sure.  We have eaten too well and had too many treats.  We will miss this little family.

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  1. That was really sweet that they bought you flowers!