The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Holding down the Fort

We worked all day at the Barlow.  Everyone was gone today so it was just us.  The copy machine repairman came to fix the copy machine.  He left a mess that needed to be clean up.  We went in one room and found that the roof was leaking and the ceiling had fall down on a bed.  We should have taken a picture.  We cleaned up the ceiling tile and moved the bed out to clean up the floor.  I think we are going to have to get a new mattress before the students come out.  We sent in a call for emergency repair.  Two guys came and fixed it.  That little bill was over 800.00.  We are going to keep the ceiling open and make sure they really fixed it.  I used old English Oil and worked on the bathroom cabinets.  We have twenty rooms.  That was a big job.  One cabinet was so dry and had it had lost its finish.  I am not sure I helped that one out.

I am not sure this one looks better.  But it will help the wood last a little longer I hope.

We had one of our old interns stop by and say hi.  We had another mission couple come because they wanted to see what the Barlow Center was.  We showed them through the building and had a nice visit with them.  We will actually be glad for a break tomorrow.  This is always strange to have Christmas Eve with no family. In all honesty this is pretty much like any other evening.  We will need to read the Christmas story to get us in the right spirit.  

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