The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I have gone way over the time to have my hair cut.  It was top priority today.  I had an appointment this morning.  We went to the temple after I got my hair cut.  We got our shopping done and came home and fixed dinner.  We decided we wanted to walked down to the White House and see the White House Christmas tree and hear one of the performances.  It was about 48 outside so it was  nice for a walk.  It was so much fun we decided to go see the Capitol Christmas tree.  It was fun to have a evening off from teaching.  I felt the Christmas spirit from our evening walk.

This is a light post outside a PNN Bank in Washington.  It is so elaborate.  

The Christmas tree outside the Capitol.  

The Capitol.  You can see the scaffolding on the dome of the Capitol. They are doing a lot of work on the dome.  

I think the Eisenhower building is one of the most beautiful buildings in DC.  Inside it is gorgeous. We walked by tonight and I couldn't help stopping to take some pictures.     

This is the National Baptist Church.  This was a really pretty view of that church.  

When Trina was here she saw this kind of trees.  She said these were the carrot peeled trees.  They do look like they have had a carrot peeler on its trunk.  

Unitarian Church on the same corner across the street from the Baptist Church on 16th Church. 

This is the Christmas tree at the White House.  You see the 56 Christmas trees around the main Christmas tree.  There is a tree for each state and territory of the United States. 

There is a musical group starting every hour from 5 to 9 every night.  We heard a high school choir that was really good. 

Off  in the corner was a nativity.  It was a beautiful nativity. 

Around the Christmas tree was a bunch of villages and the neatest electric train system with many trains.

A close up of the Christmas trees. 

We found the tree representing Utah. 

Utah's tree.

We walked by the Botanical Gardens and we could see something was going on this evening so we went in. I loved the poinsettia light.  

They had a Catholic woman's choir that was really fun to listen to.  


  1. Very pretty, thanks for sharing. Hopefully the time put into those cookies is worth it, I don't think I'd ever take that much time to make cookies.