The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Party Animals

We went to work at the Barlow today in our work clothes and we worked until 4:00. During the day one of our mothers in our mothers class came to the Barlow to tell us good-bye.  Their family is going to China for four years for the State Department.  We will miss her so much.  She was the original member of that very first class four years ago.

 Our condo had their annual Christmas party.  They have a choir come in.  They have expensive food, drinks, and treats.  I made some fudge to contribute to the mix although you aren't required to bring anything.  We are starting to know more people and we mixed in better this year than last year.  We have been friends with a man and we found out tonight that he was from Sudan.  He is going there for a couple of weeks for Christmas.  He wanted to know if we were Mormons or from the Church of Jesus Christ.  He asked us several question and Elder Anthony said I don't want you to think I am preaching to you and he said no I want to know the difference between you and other Christian religion.  We explained that it came down to the authority.  The Catholic church said that they had the authority from the time of Christ.  All other churches were break off  the Catholic church and that we believed we are a restoration of the authority.  I hope we have left him feeling comfortable about talking to us again.  We will make sure he gets a Book of Mormon.  Then after that party a guy on our floor had a private party at the end of our hall.  We got invited to that party.  I think because we always take holiday treats.  It was fun getting to know people better.  There was a lot of bridges made tonight.

Lydia Strait and Lilly.  

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