The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, December 18, 2015

Stay OUT

The cleaners were doing the carpets so no one could be in the Barlow today.  I had to run over to get the missionaries a box of card to use for the Young Adult Center activity tonight.  My neighbor that I did cookies with had some left overs and asked me if I wanted them.  I told her no until I thought about the Young Adult Activity.  Then I went down and knocked on the door and she gave me all the left overs that I could send with the missionaries for their activity.

If the Barlow was being cleaned it was only logical to clean our condo.  We also had some financial things that needed to get done and some paper work that needed to be cleaned and sorted.  Elder Anthony was not feeling well with his cold and actually took a nap today.  I got a good start on a paper I wanted to work on writing.  We got treats for Christmas out to the neighbors.  Plus I got to visit with one of our neighbors today for a little while.  We started reading The Forgotten Christmas Carols.  So it was a different kind of day.

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  1. I miss reading the Forgotten Christmas Carols. I need to buy that book!