The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Long Day

This has been a long wonderful day.  It is 10:55 and we just walked into our condo.  We had our meeting this morning as usual.  We headed out to teach our last class on the hill for the year.  We had 11 students show and two of our regulars didn't come.  We said good-bye to some of our interns from the University of Utah.  We have seen small miracles occur in the lives of  two young women.  I was so surprised when one of them that I didn't expect came and gave us both a big huge.  She said, "You don't know it but you have performed a miracle.  You got me to come to institute and I loved it."  I tried to commit her to go when she returned home.  She even brought fudge for the class that she had made.  There was such a special spirit in the class and it was so great to be together and leave being edified and glad you were there.

We came back to the Barlow after we grabbed a bite to eat at the condo.  Elder Anthony was working with contractors.  We are getting in three bids to do a remodel on the foyer of the Barlow.  Plus he had in workers that are going to start work on the air conditioners.  We came home pretty late from the Barlow and got some dinner and headed back for Home Evening.  The Bishop came to do tithing settlement with the students in the area.  He used my office.  The students had their activity and one young lady came to Elder Anthony and asked for a blessing.  We went in the back and visited with her for about an hour. Then we visited with the Bishop of our ward for a few minutes.  So our day was full of wonderful things with lots of hugs and love.  Today the Spirit reemphasized what he taught me yesterday.    

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  1. It looks like you are receiving your "payday." It's pretty neat to see the impact that you are having in their lives.