The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, December 14, 2015

Wow I am tired

I heard that some of our students that live here were volunteering to put the Christmas wreaths on the graves in Arlington.  Every grave with get a wreath.  For those that have been here you know what a huge job that would be. 

The weather today was incredible but we couldn't enjoy it because we were two busy working.  It has been 70 degrees the past couple of days.  I haven't even worn a coat.  It was raining tonight so maybe things will be changing.

We got all the students checked out today.  We were trying to pick up around them because we have the deep cleaners coming.  When ever you have some one coming in to clean you have to pick up before they come so they can clean.  Well that is what the Barlow is like.  Things have to be out of the way before the deep cleaners can clean.  We are running things around and trying to get ready for the cleaners tomorrow morning.  We usually have a week before they show up.  So that was exhausting then I cam come and I had cookie dough left from making cookies with the neighbor and I had decided to use it to give people in the office a Christmas treat.  I came home and made cookies all night.  So my legs want to drop off tonight and my back and neck are so tired.  

Michael Oaks and Alma Seo were two of our interns.  I taught them in seminary their freshman year.  They were in the same class.  They had no idea each other was coming to Washington until they got into the program.  

Our BYU professor this semester, Andy Johns

We have workers in from BYU all last week and this week putting in new air exchangers.  They turned off the pump the and the kids had cold showers all weekend.  Nice way to leave the Barlow.

We are suppose to get guys in this week to get this area ready to be a parking place.  We really need the extra parking.
We always have way to much garbage when students check out.  We were out today trying to jump on the garbage so we could get all the garbage in.  The dumpster on the right was just dropped off one day.  I think someone thought they were going to get rid of a sticky old dumpster and we wouldn't know who they were.  We found them on the security camera and we have called them three times to tell them to get this thing picked up.  In the mean time people are using the can.  I think we will have to find out who is the garbage can police and call and report them.  They promise every day that it will get picked up then they don't come.  New problem.

I got the dish towels and hot pads washed tonight.
Cookies for people who work at the Barlow.