The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Clean up

There is a massive clean up underway after our storm.  The temperatures have been above freezing so that helps but there is major work going on to remove snow. We drove out today to go to the temple. It is the first time we have left our little corner since last Friday.  The roads were horrible.  Instead of taking 45 minutes to get to the temple it took 1 1/2 hours and lots of patience.  The session was so nice and I didn't really want to go back out to the rush.  This was the first day the temple was open and the government offices were open.  Life is returning to normal slowly.  The traffic was HORRIBLE all day.  We stopped in the store to get a treat for class tonight and I have never seen a store so ravished.  The metro was jammed packed to get to our class tonight but our class was larger than normal and it was great to be back to teaching.

These huge trucks are all over in the city to pick up snow. 

We passed over five blocks of big trucks parked in a line as close as they could park ready to go to work. 

The traffic was snarled behind these trackers picking up snow.  It left one lane to travel in and tons of delays. 

You can see them shooting snow into the dump truck.  

There are mountains of snow like this every where. 

Trucks are filled with snow.  In Washington, D.C., the parking lot at Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Memorial Stadium has become a mountain of snow. The stadium, next to the Anacostia River, has seen an endless flow of dump trucks from around the city. D.C. doesn’t own any snow melters, so for now the snow is deposited, compacted, and left to melt naturally.

We went into Safeway to get our treat for tonight and the shelves were devastated.  

There was NO milk. 

Trying to get to our class tonight was an adventure.  It isn't unusual to have packed metro cars but this one kept stopping and it was jammed so full you couldn't move.  

Tonight when we came home they were working close to our home loading up mountains of snow.  
  Today as Elder Anthony was crossing through the lobby of our building to go to the Barlow, the building engineer, Wayne (who is Elder Anthony's buddy) said that a lady on the 7th floor had approached him yesterday and asked if I was the "preacher" that was shoveling show in front of the building across the street yesterday.  Wayne said, "Yes, he probably was the one that was shoveling snow."  She said, "Well, he's an old man. He's going to have a heart attack."  Wayne answered, "No, mam, he won't have a heart attack, he's crazy.  Crazy people don't have heart attacks."


  1. Those are great pictures to attest to why we should be prepared!

  2. Wow! What an ordeal you've been through with that weather! It reminds me to always be prepared for natural disasters. I hope things get better soon.

  3. So many memories! Snow removal with heavy equipment! Empty shelves! This is what snow in Southern VA looks like (though you guys got tons more than I ever saw in my 3 yrs in Williamsburg) and the empty shelves after storms in FL. Totally empty.

  4. I couldn't help but laugh about that lady thinking dad would have a heart attack. If she only knew half the things you guys did!