The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Follow with Exactness

The Sabbath is always a busy day.  We took our new interns to church.  The bus was packed when we added our 20 plus.  I noticed at the National Cathedral a big group got off so we were not the only ones on the bus in a big group.  Just before we went to the bus stop Elder Anthony said now does everyone have their metro pass.  We all did.  We got to the stop and Elder Anthony had forgotten his.  Good thing the stop is in front of our condo and there was another bus coming in a few minutes. He had to wait for the next bus. I thought that was pretty funny.

We had a baptism today after Church, Travis.  It is always so great to go to a baptism.  We hurried home because we had the Elders coming for dinner and Gavin and his new girl friend.  I did sweet and sour chicken.  I have found a really good recipe for it. It is always such a blessing to have the Elders come.  I still haven't made my new years goals.  They challenged us to do so.

Tonight was the World Wide Devotional with President Nelson.  Right after we fed everyone dinner we made two huge apple crisp for munch and mingle after the devotional.  Elder Nelson gave four things that this millennial generation needed to do.  By the way he didn't like how the world used the term millennial generation but he like it because these youth were here to prepare the world for the return of the Savior.  These are the four things he said we need to do:
1.  Learn who you really are.  How does God feel about you?  Why are you here?
2.  Expect and prepare to accomplish the impossible.  The Lord will count on you to do hard things.  Abrahamic tests didn't end with Abraham.
3.  Learn how to access the power of Heaven.  Spend time in Holy Places and make your surrounding Holy.  Pray what to stop doing or start doing and then follow the promptings.  Serve with love.  Know that revelation is a sacred process.  He told about the process of revelation that the brethren went through to decide what to do about the children of gay parents.
4.  Follow the Prophets.  You can get your own witness from the Lord on any decision that is made.  Follow the prophets with exactness.


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  1. I'll have to read that talk by Elder Nelson. That story about dad is hilarious!