The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Locked inside with my love.

Today was Elder Anthony's and my 40th wedding anniversary. Where has the 40 years gone?  How many are ahead?  What do we have to show for 40 years?  Today was a time of reflection.  It was not a time for celebration as we were locked away in our condo while the storm continues to rage outside.  The first meal I ever made for Elder Anthony was meatloaf.  We went to the Sweetwater Condos on Bear Lake. We had meatloaf tonight for dinner.  But we didn't have candle light nor did we have candle light on that every first meal.

We went out about ten this morning to go check on the Barlow.  We drafted a group of people to come and help remove the first foot of snow.  I don't think it has done a lot of good because I think there is another foot but maybe it will make it easier to remove the next layer.

Washington DC is completely shut down.  We are standing in the middle of Pennsylvania Ave. with not a car insight.  It is a ghost town.  No business are open.  

This storm is being called snowmageddon. It is still snowing.  It started yesterday at 1:30 and it hopefully will stop about 10 or 11 tonight.  

Church services are all cancelled tomorrow because there is no public transportation.  We are having a devotional at the Barlow tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.  I decided to make homemade bread tonight and tomorrow after church we will have peanut butter and jam sandwiches on home made bread.


  1. You're so nice to make bread for the students on your anniversary. Stay safe!

  2. Happy Anniversary! In some ways I wish you would have hit your 40 years here so we could do a party for you. Thanks for sticking it out in the hard times and staying together.

    That bread looks delicious!

  3. Glad you are safe and dry and warm. Enjoy the rest. Happy anniversary!