The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lydia's Birthday

Today was Lydia's birthday.  We went to the temple in the morning on the first session.  We had a really special experience today.  Elder Anthony is a set apart veil worker in the Washington DC temple. So he always does the veil after our session.  Today for the first time he worked the woman's side and he got me.  That was a really touching experience.  We headed to Safeway after because they had apples on sale for 99 a pound.  I got enough for our welcome treat and a ton for an apple crisp for refreshments after the World Wide Devotional this Sunday.  We hurried back to go to lunch with Ben, Mike, Kimmy and Lydia for her birthday.  That was fun.  Then I realized one of the rooms was not ready.  The ceiling tile had not been replace from the roof leak.  So Elder went to work to get it replaced before Scott came in for inspection.  I had to leave to get dinner ready for the student assistant that is working with us this semester.   Scott went through the whole building and didn't find anything he thought needed to be worked on.  So I made my goal a perfect inspection. However when I went back over tonight I found a couple of things that needed to be done.    In the middle of feeding out new assistant we got a call that a student was there.  We went over and got her settled in then back to finish dinner and talk with our new assistant.  I started making the treat for the students tomorrow.  I was in the middle of rice crispy squares and had the marshmallow melted and realized that I didn't have enough  rice crispy.  So the only thing I had was some granola we had purchased.  They don't taste too bad.  I am currently making cup cakes.  Ila called and wanted me to save her one.  I said I don't think it will be good when I see you again.  She said Grandma put it in the fridge.  

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  1. Way to go Mom! I knew if anyone could get a perfect inspection it would be you.