The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday's Tender Mercy

I all most forgot to blog tonight.  This has been a busy week.  Today was no different.  We were up early this morning to go to the temple for a service project.  They were working outside taking down lights and rolling them up.  I knew I couldn't do the yard work but I volunteered to help with the lunch.  We took Barlow interns with us to the service project.  Elder Anthony spent most of the day driving back and forth from the metro to bring kid to the temple. I made corn bread at the stake center and then we both hid away to try and work on our lessons for the week.  We didn't get much done.  I helped serve and get the lunch ready.  The bishopric wives made soup or chili.  We had about 40 come out.  Poor Sister Barlow had a huge heavy cast iron pot full of soup and just as she got to the kitchen it was too heavy for her and she dropped it.  We lost about a quart of the soup.  After the project we got the interns rides to the metro so we just took one intern back with us.  The rest of our interns metro over to the Renwick Art Museum.

We only had a short time before our next function for the day.  We hosted the senior missionaries tonight for our social activity.  We went to the Kennedy center for a free concert and then came back to the Barlow for appetizers and a tour of our building.  Everyone that made it really enjoyed it.  I decided that Elder Anthony and I are two of the more mobile.  I am pretty humbled to see couples that have come out with several health problem and are here to work and give the Lord all they have to offer.  It was difficult for some of them to walk a half a mile.  It is great to associate with these dedicated missionaries.

The concert was the flute, horn, and pianist from the National Symphony orchestra. It was wonderful.

We witnessed a tender mercy of the Lord today.  Our couples where meeting and one older sister was without her companion who was already at the Kennedy Center with her daughter. Sister Farnsworth has directions like I do.  She felt she could find the Barlow center but she was totally lost.  The shuttle driver from the Kennedy Center tried to help her and got her on the road headed our way but the streets of L and Pennsylvania cross and the Barlow sits at the end of L Street and is less than an a block long in from of our building.  We walked out the Barlow to go to the Kennedy Center and we had a couple of other missionaries with us.  I was talking with them and Elder Anthony looked up and noticed this nice looking older sister with a name tag trying to get directions from a couple who were pointing to L street across the street.  She was looking so confused and Elder Anthony ran over and said I think I know were you want to go.  She was within 3 business of the Barlow and just about to be directed to L Street that leads back into town.  She was so relieved to see us.  If she had come 5 minutes later we would have been gone and the building is locked down and there would have been no one there to get her food in the fridge and help her find the Kennedy center again. I know it was a tender mercy that Elder Anthony saw her and that we left at the exact same time she was on the corner.  I have never seen someone so grateful to see another set of missionaries.  She just kept saying I am so grateful you saw me.  

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  1. That is a really neat story about dad seeing the missionaries! It definitely shows that Heavenly Father is looking out fort us!