The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, January 24, 2016


The effects of snowmagedon continue.  There were no church meetings held today but we had a devotional at the Barlow.  It made it feel like Sunday.  It was a time to share a favorite scripture and why you liked it and to sing a couple of hymns.  After we had homemade bread and peanut butter.  The students really like homemade bread.

We got some more shoveling done in the front with help.  The back door to the parking lot won't open because of the amount of snow built up.  No one can get to our parking lot to park.  There is so much snow that we can't dig it out.  In the past we have but we can't this time.  It was so great to see the sun and blue sky today.  It is still cold but beautiful.  I really don't know how they are going to get rid of the mountains of snow.  Where do you put it.  They had Pennsylvania Avenue clear but not the side roads.  They are still asking people to stay home.  Government offices are closed tomorrow so we won't be teaching and our employees that work at the Barlow can't get to their parking spaces so I don't think they will be in.

We had six more students come and eat this afternoon.  We enjoy being with the students.  

We awoke to a sunny day.  The snow had stopped. 

The final snow totals can be measured on the garbage can.

Snow stack on the ledge or one the hanging baskets below us tell the story of the past couple of days. 

How would you like to try and dig that car out.  Of coarse when you do you can't get down the alley to get to the street without plowing the alley and the back path.  

I noticed that our neighbor dug out around his car but he didn't dig out the cars.  The mountain behind the cars he will never get through.  Then there is the alley. 

Pennsylvania Ave. is plowed but there still are not cars out on the road.  People are walking on the road. 

How would you get through this snow mountain to get to the bus stop to catch the bus?

Second round of shoveling out the front of the Barlow. 

We got one of the four doors to the garbage so you can get into the dumpster.  You can see how deep the snow is.  

This is the parking area by the Barlow. 

How will you get a car back here to park?  

Someone on our floor put these fresh flowers out.  It made my day.  They smelled fantastic and they are gorgeous and remind you that spring will come.  


  1. Didn't think you'd need snow shoes in DC! Wow.

  2. That is a ton of snow! I'm glad you're safe, sound, and prepared. Happy Anniversary! 40 wonderful years. Good luck moving all that snow. Thank goodness for plows!

  3. All that snow makes it look like Rexburg!