The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, January 25, 2016


This storm is being called all kinds of names snowpocalypse, snowmagedon, snowzilla, and the official name winter storm Jonas.  We didn't break the record for most snow but Baltimore our neighbor did set a record.

Washington, D.C.
1) 28.0 inches (Jan. 27-29, 1922)
2) 20 inches (Feb. 12-14, 1899)
3) 18.7 inches (Feb. 18-19, 1979)
4) 17.8 inches (Feb. 5-6, 2010)
5) 17.8 inches (Winter Storm Jonas)
The trouble now is the clean up.  Where to put the snow.  It got up to 42 today which started the melting but it didn't solve the problem.  

Two workers at the Condo trying to clear a path for the drive way.

The city plowed but they left mountains of snow on the side of the road which takes a lane of traffic out. 

We tried to get to the Barlow this morning and I fell twice wading through the snow.  The good thing is you don't fall very far because the snow in up to knees.  So you just stand back up.  

That is a horrible task.  

The business next to us brought in a snow blower to try and clean the alley so cars can come in to park.  He was not successful.  Those that have cleared parking have piled it up so others can't get out.  We will need a truck to clear out our lot. 

The now pile of snow on the right is where cars park at the Barlow. 
I hadn't noticed the flower in the foyer of our condo.  I don't know how long they have been there.  But they brought in a ray of sunshine inside.

We just got word that government offices are closed again tomorrow.  Montgomery government offices are closed and that is where we teach tomorrow evening.  We are trying to get a hold of Brother Cottle to see if we will be going to teach.  I kind of hope not because we don't want to drive in this mess.  Traffic is picking up but the buses are not running yet.  So far I haven't been a fan of Washington DC winters.  We have tied for the fourth larges snow fall in record and last winter we broke  a 120 year old record for cold.

This was the report for last year.  "We talk about record highs a lot in Washington, but the recently unfathomable was accomplished this morning. We broke a record low. A temperature of 5 degrees was enough to smash a 120-year-old record for the date — a moment worthy of meteorological reflection. When the city — often the warmest location in the region — is breaking record lows, you know it’s a cold one. Much of the area saw one of the most truly frigid nights in recent memory last night, made more amazing because of how late in the season it happened."

We worked at the Barlow all day today.  Scott felt bad for the student and he (BYU) bought pizza for the interns tonight for FHE. 


  1. Just stay inside. You don't need to recover from falling now!

  2. Those flowers do brighten things up.