The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The first Snow

Everyone is getting anxious about the huge storm predicted for Friday and the weekend.  With everyone worried about that this storm just slipped right on in.  This isn't suppose to be a big deal but as we walked home I tried to get a picture of the streets starting to turn to ice.  You couldn't believe how many people where in the stores buying food and water.  We had to grab some mild for rice pudding I was making for treat today for our class tonight.  The line to the check stand wrapped around the store to the door you walked in.  It is hard to believe that people don't have three or four days of food and water.  Tonight on the way home so many people were carrying grocery bags home.

You can see the reflection of ice already starting to form on the streets. 

One of the problems that Washington DC has is the volume of traffic.  The police officer told us the other day that over a million commuters come into the the city every day.   You can't handle a million people with a few plows and no place to plow the snow.  Our traffic lanes are already so narrow that they are frightening.

I just saw this official report.  However, the impacts of this storm on the mid-Atlantic region, including Washington, D.C., needs to be especially emphasized. The Capital Weather Gang blog put the upcoming situation this way in a post on Wednesday early evening: "Wherever you are Friday evening, it is quite possible you may need to remain there until Sunday or Monday, or even a bit longer." Travel in the nation's capital, possibly all the northeastward into Philadelphia and central New Jersey, may become not just treacherous on Friday night and Saturday, but downright impossible. It could be one of the top three largest snowstorms of all time in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.  The storm, which the Weather Channel is calling "Jonas," is poised to blast the region with wind-driven heavy snow, sleet and perhaps some rain beginning on Friday and lasting straight through the weekend. The snowfall totals — some are predicting that more than 30 inches is possible — could rival those not seen since 1922, and possibly even breaking all-time records for the nation's capital, though that is far from a sure bet at this point.

I keep thinking I am a wuss.  The cold is so cold.  I know I am over sensitive to cold but I really don't like the cold in DC.  We had a workman in from Provo working on heating today.  I said it has turned cold to welcome you to DC but I am sure you are use to the cold coming from Utah.  He said he had checked the temperature to know what kind of coat to bring.  He said it was 25 in Utah and I wore this hoody jacket.  When I arrived it was 23 in Washington.  He said I got off the plane and went out side and he thought this isn't 23.  I just left 25 degrees and the cold didn't bother me but it was freezing here.  So he took out his phone and sure enough it said 23 but with the windchill it was 3 degrees.  He said I about froze to death going over to the store.  He said the cold here with the humidity is colder than the dry cold in Utah.  So I had a tough guy from Utah agree with me.   I don't like the winters in DC.


  1. Come to Idaho and let's compare.

    1. I bet you don't have a million people to move around in Rexburg.