The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Lord's word is like a two edge sword.

One of the great things about being on a mission is being involved in missionary work.  Elder Anthony walked into church today and met a young oriental man on the back row in church.  He was waiting for his friend Mike he said.  He is from Vietnam and it was his first time to church.  His friend Mike was an ex-bishop that came to our ward today to be with this young friend.  Elder Anthony invited him to the front to sit by us. The missionaries came by to meet him and I found another new member to come sit with us.  Then his friend Mike came and sat with us.  He is such a sharp young man.

Then I met the new U of U intern with an incredible conversion story.  This young man has ties all they way back to Joseph Smith.  His family fell away from the church and he was raised with a Dad that was very bitter against the church that had been excommunicated.  This young man was a debater and had an hour before a debate and was in the hall with the girl that was going to debate him and they started talking.  He asked for her phone number and didn't know she was a member of the church.  After dating for four months he asked her if she could ever marry someone like him.  She said only if you joined the church because I am going to be married in the temple.  It is the first time she had shared her feelings about the church.  He got interested in temples. They got tickets to go to the Brigham City temple open house.  He said when he walked into the sealing room and he looked into the eternal mirrors he said he got hot and thought he was going to be sick.  He told his friend that he was all of a sudden so hot that he thought he was going to be sick.  She told him that he was feeling the spirit.  They later broke up and to make the story shorter he met a friend at school that was LDS and was one of the most popular guys in the school.  He shared with him about breaking up and the friend told him to come to his house and they would talk.  The U intern told him no missionaries.  When he got there the missionary came by. The friend hadn't set him up they just came.  They taught him the first discussion.  The friend at school was convinced he needed to go on a mission after going through the discussions with the U intern.  The U intern went through 6 missionaries and one day he decided to give up on the church and stop trying.  He said I wanted to feel the feeling I had felt in the temple.  That evening he was invited to go to the visitor center on temple square.  The sister missionaries started up a move and he said I just started crying.  After the movie one sister missionary bore her testimony and told how she had gone on a mission when her parents wouldn't support her.  He said as he listened to her the feeling he had felt in the temple came back and he stood up and said he was going to be baptize.  When he told his parents they had a fit.  His mother came to the baptism but not his father.  When he came home his things where on the front lawn and his father told him you are over 18 you go.  His mother  came to his defense and said that she would not throw out her son because of his belief.  He has now been a member 2 1/2 years.  He is dating a girl seriously and he is here for four months.  I invited him to institute as a good CES missionary would do.  He said my girl friend and I have talked about going on a mission when we are older.  He said tonight when I talk to her I am going to tell her that we are going to be like Elder and Sister Anthony.

It is so wonderful to see how the Lord works.  The thing that is interesting about this young man's conversion story is that his back ground is full of great faithful pioneers and members of the church.  He said his grandmother not a member gave him a lot of the things she had stored.  One was a journal written by a great grandmother who went on a mission.  She felt that she would have members of her posterity fall away from the church so she wrote this mission journal to them.  He said it was amazing.  He has shared the material he got with the church history department. I love to see how the Lord blesses so many people in this young man's conversion story.

We started inviting our Barlow interns to dinner after church.  We had our first seven tonight.

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  1. What a cool story! Hearing about his grandmother's journal reminds me of Nephi in the scriptures. He didn't know why he was making another record, but he did it. Little did he know what we occur with Martin Harris when he wrote them.