The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Shocking Reality

We were excited today to go to our Thursday class with our mothers.  This class always has the spirit present even among all the confusion.  I think it is because of the sacrifice that these mothers go through to come to class and load all their little ones with them. We had 11 students and I don't even know how many children.  We don't teach this class in the summer semester because their older children are out of school and it would be a huge zoo.  We teach them fall and winter.  It hit me on the way over that this will be the last semester we will teach them.  When we get to the end of April that will be it because we will be gone around Labor Day when the class starts again.  That was a sobering thought.  One of our students who was with us from the beginning took off the summer last year and the fall semester because of a new baby.  She has four children under five. She really does have her hands full.  She came today and it was so great to see her.  She is a special friend.  Another of our really dear students from that very first class moved to China this semester.  So it was good to have a few new faces.

We got some shopping done and came home.  We promised our neighbor across the hall that we would help her with a project in a condo that she rents.  Elder Anthony cut down a cabinet top.  She didn't have a circular saw.  We had just purchased one for the Barlow so we took that and helped her do a couple of things.  On the way home we saw someone was illegal parked at the Barlow.  We have been waiting over two hours for the policeman to come by and ticket the car.  Elder Anthony will have to sign the ticket.  I hope they won't be much longer it is 9:00 and we have had a really long week already.

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