The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Storm has arrived.

The snow started at exactly 1:30 when it was predicted to begin.  It is still snowing outside and it is suppose to snow all day tomorrow. The bus shut down at 5 the metros are stopping at 11:00 tonight. The gas stations I understand had long lines.  Many of them closed down because they ran out of gas.  Susana came in with 10 bags of salt and was willing to buy gas any where at any price just to get a full tank.  She said the freeways were just parking lots.  But tonight the city is almost like a ghost town and quiet something that never happens.  Everyone is hunkered in their homes except for the few that want to run and play in the snow or go to the bars.  Church has been cancelled for Sunday.  There isn't any public transportation and the city wants people to stay off the roads.  So we need to decide if we have a devotional on Sunday at the Barlow with the interns.

Yesterday on our way home from teaching we tried to stop at Costco.  It was horrible.  There was no parking and there were lines of cars trying to get into the parking lot it was such a zoo and they had huge lines.  So we took the metro to Costco this morning just to see if we could do it and arrived 15 minutes before they opened.  The parking lot was full, cars were rolling in.  The doors were jammed with people.  You would have thought it was Christmas and there was a killer deal inside.  Costco opened early to let people in both the entrance and exit doors.  We grabbed the few things we needed and were out by just a little past 10. We got back on the metro and accomplished out errand without any real inconveniences. We stayed at the Barlow until late afternoon and then came home for dinner.  I am sure tomorrow will be a quiet day with lots of snow shoveling.

Latest report: Thunder snow is possible late tonight and Saturday. Extreme snowfall rates of two to three inches per hour are possible at the storm’s peak late Friday night and into Saturday. Winds may gust to 40 mph on Saturday, causing whiteout conditions and some blowing and drifting snow. Stronger gusts to 50 mph are possible east of the District toward the bay.


  1. Please stay inside and don't take any chances. We love you and continue to pray for you.